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Time is going by soooo fast here, I can’t keep up! My first days at work were terrific! Friday, the first day on the Neonatal ICU was wild and crazy and fast-paced but I learned sooo much and loved it! Being the weekend, Saturday and Sunday proved to be a little slower. I feel like God has already incredibly blessed me with some wonderful friends and co-workers on the unit. All the nurses are wonderful and the teamwork is fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. This IS a whole new world of nursing and I’m finding that I have to change my thinking a lot…I’m used to giving medications, treatments, etc. to adults in adult sizes and doses but that’s a bit much for these little ones. 🙂 So…it’s keeping me on my toes. But to sum up the new job experience in three words: I LOVE IT!

Now I’ve had off several days and one would think I would be bored…?! Nope! It seems I manage to stay busy and find something to do everyday whether it is shopping, hanging out with friends, visiting frozen yogurt places :), baking and cooking, tanning and swimming at the pool, working out, cleaning the apartment, decorating the apartment, and yes, getting on facebook or on the cell phone.

Monday, Briann and I FINALLY got our Oklahoma Driver’s licenses! WHEW! That was such a looong drawn out ordeal and I’m just glad to have it taken care of! I rode my bike around the city about 5-6 miles…it was a lot of fun! Then in the evening, Briann and I played volleyball with the Henderson Hills Baptist Church Singles group and had a really good time! Tuesday morning, I worked out in the fitness center and met the weirdo guy again… :/. Briann and I tanned at the pool for a couple of hours but it was SUPER hot! Our tans are impressive though…! And…I can’t really remember what we did the rest of the day….ummmm. Oh yeah, we made a Wal-Mart fun for some groceries, wrote our Father’s day cards, and completed some paperwork stuff for OU Medical Center and health insurance. Fun huh?! Not really…. Okay, today we went shopping for some living room apartment decor and found a few things but nothing real spectacular yet. 😦 We were at the pool tanning again for about an hour today but it was so hot that we didn’t stay out long.

For the past two days, we have wanted to take out our bikes and ride around Lake Hefner…but it has been horribly windy! *bummer* But…we’ve decided that tomorrow morning, whether wind, hail, or tornado…we’re going to the lake!!! 🙂 Hopefully, it will be nice.


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The new job so far…

Okay…so I promised a post on the new job! I was up bright and early Monday morning ready for my first day at work! However, this week is only the paperwork and listening to talk (OU Medical Center policies, procedures, codes…etc.) so to me I don’t official start my real job until next week. But…at least while I’m sitting in the classroom with 30-40 other new employees (and at times almost falling asleep ;)), I’m getting money in my pocket book! Monday was a really really REALLY long boring day but Tuesday seemed to go by faster and today we even got away early at 12:30.  The orientation program is soooo much more extensive than the one day of orientation I had at Meade Hospital! Things are SO much different in a facility with hundreds of patients versus a facility that only has 20 beds. 🙂 During one of the talks on safety and the REAL OU POLICE that are staffed on the campus 24/7 (and while discussing guns and imposters and abductions from the hospital…), reality kinda hit me that…I AM LIVING IN THE BIG CITY. Whoa…kinda scary! I’m no longer living on little house on the prairie in the middle of nowhere. By the way, I’ve gotten a lot of flack (but fun flack…) about little ol’ Meade Hospital. The other nurses and employees are like “hummm, I didn’t know hospital like that still existed!” So, I informed them otherwise! 🙂

I’ve kinda felt like I’m in school again this week and even on a college campus (and I guess I am…sorta)! OU Medical Center consists of two buildings basically (the Presbyterian Tower which is the adult hospital and the Everett Tower which is the Children’s Hosptial) but on the same campus are all the buildings for the University of Oklahoma…so it is a large campus. To get anywhere it seems, a lot of walking is required. At least, both hospitals and like the administrative and Physician buildings are all connected with skywalks. It takes me about 20 minutes to get to work but I always have to consider walking time which takes an additional 10 minutes at least. And parking…parking is horrid right now. They are doing so much reconstruction and building new clinics that they have lost several parking garages and so for a while, parking remains a hassle and there are some nurses who will have to park miles away and take the shuttle to the facility! But…for now we night NICU nurses get to park right next door to the Children’s Hospital in the OU Children’s Parking garage. Sweet!

The best part of orientation has been the incredible friends I’ve made already! After two weeks of being in the apartment and pretty much just hanging out with my roomie, I was in dire need of some socializing (and hence why I too was so excited about starting work). It’s been amazing to meet new people! There are four of us that are going to be working in the NICU and we’ve bonded already! It’s been such fun. Yesterday evening, we all got together (Briann and her friend also joined us) and we went out to dinner at BJ’s then to The Orange Tree for Frozen Yogurt! We had a really good time and it was a beautiful evening to sit outside and slurp on the yummy frozen treats! 🙂 We were all nurses…that’s a little frightening!

Weather wise here, I can tell it is much more humid! I sweat sooo much more when I work out…like I’m literally drenching and dripping with sweat! It has been very warm like about 90 degrees except today is was only in the 70’s and rainy this morning. Most of my working out has been in the fitness center on the treadmill or the elliptical and I’ve also started doing some weight lifting. But since it was cooler today, I actually ran about 3 miles down the sidewalk by our apartments! It felt wonderful! I need to get out at the pool and do some more tanning and was hoping for that today but nope…the weather was not cooperative.

I just can’t wait to hit the floor now and take care of some babies! 🙂

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Has it really been two weeks since I have blogged?! Do I really only have two weeks of employment left at Meade District Hospital?! Am I really moving to OKC in just two weeks?! Yes :/ …YEs…and YES!  Two weeks from today I will be packing and getting ready for the big transition to city life! I’m getting SOOO excited because it is SOOOO close! Perhaps this is by far one of the biggest changes I have made in my life, and I’m hoping and praying it will also be one of the best! 😀

As I was chatting with my roomie-to-be (Briann) on the phone this afternoon, we eagerly discussed the when’s, where’s, and how’s of moving, painting, colors schemes, furniture, decorating, and anything and everything else having to do with our new apartment! We are indescribably excited…so much so that we can hardly stand it! I’ve pretty much decided on a dusky chocolate brown and cream color with olive green accents for my bedroom. Then, I plan to do BRIGHT pink, orange, and yellow in my bathroom with a daisy theme. In a trip to Wichita with a friend a couple Saturday’s ago, I managed to find some really great decor and even essentials for my bedroom and bathroom that fits perfectly! 😉 Monday, I made a quick up and back trip to OKC in one day just to complete some pre-employment stuff for the hospital (primarily a drugs screen…don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I passed!). I stopped by our apartment complex and made sure everything was in line for moving in on May 18th (and it is!) and also scouted out the area. I was thrilled to discover that there is a Home Depot, a Sherman Williams paint store, and a Wal-Mart within blocks of our apartment! PERFECT for the week of our painting and decorating party! Anyone who wants to come help is welcome…! 🙂

Work has kept me hopping the past couple of weeks. It has just been busy. But thankfully we haven’t seen anyone with the Swine Flu…yet. This past week I ended up working four 12-hour shifts – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Except Friday ended up being a 14-hour shift because we had a little (actually a LOT) of excitement right a shift change and so I got stuck in the ER for a while. It is getting sadder and sadder each time I go to work now because reality is setting in that I won’t be there much longer. I’m sooo excited to move on and start my new job…but it’s going to be hard and sad to leave my second family at Meade! 😦 I know I will cry my last day! I’m going to miss everyone so much. But I’ve also been really enjoying my last days at Meade Hospital knowing that “it won’t be like this for long!”

April 19th-22nd I found myself staying with our neighbor girls for the evenings and nights. They were in school during the day but I just went over after school, fixed supper, helped with homework and chores, checked the cattle, and played when the work was done! It was actually quite a tiring week and it didn’t help matters that I was just getting over a cold. By Thursday night, I was so ready to be sleeping back in my own bed, especially since I had to work the last three days of that week!

Serena has been spring cleaning the house this week…and rearranging everything! Whenever I come home from work, I never know where my stuff is going to be or even if I’ll have a bed to sleep in! Thank goodness, as of yet, I still have a bed! I’m sure that will all change once I’m gone for good though. The house has seemed to be in shambles for a while now…my boxed up stuff lying around, some old furniture here and there that we need to get rid of, and then new furniture that Dad and Serena bought for a ‘guest bedroom’ once I’m gone. Go figure…they buy new furniture AFTER I’m going to be moving! Humph!

I’ve managed to even sneak in some scrapbooking the past couple of weeks and found myself loving it! I am soooo far behind on scrapbooking and haven’t done it for a while so it was fun to get back into it! And…I even made a huge mess of paper, die-cuts, stickers, ribbon, adhesives, eyelets, stamps, and embellishments everywhere! Just ask Serena…! But I’ve learned, I can’t really scrapbook without making a huge mess. Yesterday I finished a mini book I had been working on…and it turned out really nice. I was impressed with myself anyway! 🙂 That will probably be the last scrapbooking project I do for a while….

Yesterday was a leisurely day at home. I slept in, then ended up on the phone for a loooong while with a great friend (we had  a LOT of catching up to do)! It was great! Today was just another typical Sunday. Church this morning and a quiet afternoon at home. This afternoon, I cleaned up my big huge scrapbooking mess, surfed the internet a while, chatted with Briann for an hour about apartment plans :), went on a 2-mile run (IN 16 MINUTES!!!! I broke my record…YAY!!!!), and am now blogging while watching an Andy Griffith show and sipping on diet Mt. Dew and munching on popcorn!

Last week, the weather was quite warm in the 70’s and 80’s and even reached 90 degress one or two days. But this week has cooled down and this weekend especially was cloudy, cool, and rainy. Yesterday, it showered off and on. Today it has just pretty much been cloudy, calm,  and about 55 degrees. PERFECT running weather! And my 2-mile run was very VERY nice! I just wish we had more perfect running days. I’m off again tomorrow and it is suppose to be warmer and the sun is to come out…so I’m hoping to get back outside for some tanning! I’ve been slacking on that recently! ^-^

I’ll try to be better now about keeping you all updated…. 😉

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FOUR WEEKS…and counting

I’m moving to OKC in just four weeks. FOUR WEEKS! Wow! I am so ready though. Excited isn’t even enough to describe how I feel. Maybe supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is better…! According to, it means fatastic or very wonderful. But even that doesn’t quite cut it…but it’ll have to do until I can invent the right word. 🙂

Last week, the Lord was so gracious to bless us with over 3 inches of rain. Yes, it was gloomy and cloudy much of the week and I prefer the sunshine. Yes, it made the roads very muddy. Yes, it made my car dirty. Yes, it was an inconvenience at times. But I wasn’t complaining because it was RAINING! Hooray! The cattle will now have some grass to eat in the pasture. The lawn will be green instead of an ugly yellowish brown. The flowers will bloom and show their bright spring colors. (You know, April showers bring May flowers.) The fields will be ready now for planting crops! The farmers (i.e. especially my dad) are happy!

Last week, I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then babysat Logan James again on Thursday and Friday. Work wasn’t too busy and Logan was as cute and cuddly as ever! Saturday I did some major shopping for my apartment with a friend from work. We had a great time! I’m all ready to move now! 😀

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5 WEEKS and rain and snow…

Yup yup yup! It’s Sunday again already! 5 WEEKS…5 WEEKS until I’m outa here! And…Thursday I received my OK nursing license in the mail! WOOT! Been waiting for it for like 4 weeks. Just another piece of the puzzle that’s in place…now, it’s up to Briann to graduate from nursing school! 🙂

I’ve been working a lot it seems…last week – Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Off today. Then next week, I also have a lot of hours plus an additional babysitting job in Meade. I’m working as a nurse Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday and then am babysitting for Logan James on Thursday and Friday. No spare time! But I love it!

We actually have puddles of water in our yard! It has been raining for two days and we’ve gotten like 2.5 inches! AMAZING! It has been soooo long since it’s rained that I’ve forgotten what it looks like! It is still drizzling now. Praise the Lord!

Serena went to Colorado Friday to visit a friend and make a delivery of one of the baby kitties. While she was there, they went to see The Thorn play in Colorado Springs…and I’m pretty sure they visited some fabric shops as well! I’d bet money on that! 🙂 She was suppose to return home today…but is stuck there in a snow storm! I think she’ll be able to come back home tomorrow.

Since today is Easter Sunday, we had a breakfast brunch this morning and a special service with some wonderful music! It was very nice! This afternoon, I did a load of laundry and baked a coffee cake. And…I had to play with Scamper (the last little kitty left) because she is entirely lonesome with Serena gone. Her momma of course is being a monster because she hates it when Serena is gone and she hates me!

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Snow Storm

Wow! I woke up this morning to a blizzard. Snow was falling and the wind was blowing nearly 100 miles per hour it seems. That’s not a good combination! Although, I was suppose to work today in the Pharmacy, I didn’t risk getting out and driving 35 miles in the ‘white-out’.  I think the weather conditions have improved a little bit now as it’s not snowing much anymore but is still just blowing! Visibility still isn’t very good. So…instead of work, I’ve been stuck in the house. Serena has been taping for her online quilt class. Dad has been taking care of the cattle…pretty much a full time job in this weather! And I’ve just been hanging out in the house…blogging :), facebooking, emailing,  texting, reading, chatting on my cell, taking pictures, and playing with the baby kittens.

I worked the last couple of days and our census is down a little bit now for a while…but despite that fact, we’ve kept steadily busy each day with outpatients and admitting and discharging! I enjoyed the days at work! And now I’m off the weekend but look forward to returning on Monday!

Here’s a few pics of the ‘blizzard’!









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The beginning of a dream come true…

Every time my phone has rang this week, I jump and run to it expectantly hoping that it is the hospitals in OKC…and every time, I’d been disappointed! UNTIL TODAY…11:30 this morning my phone rang. Since I was working I didn’t have my phone with me…but later (about 12:30) I heard the “beep” alerting me that I had a missed call. I went to check it not really thinking it would be Children’s OU hospital in OKC…BUT IT WAS!!! While I listened to the voicemail left by the nurse manager of the NICU, adrenalin was gushing through my body! I called them back right away and accepted the offer for the job! Then I ran to tell all of my co-workers and at that point was literally screaming (I think the entire hospital could hear me…I might as well have gotten on the intercom and announced the news!)! I AM SOOOOO excited, thrilled, ecstatic, happy, and thankful! This is what I have always wanted to do ever since I graduated from nursing school. My dreams are becoming reality right before my eyes. Praise the Lord. He is SO good!

Tonight, I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to sleep. I’m stilled wired! I’ve texted or called all my friends and co-workers who weren’t working today and my Grandma. I am to start my new job on June 1st…it can’t come fast enough! But really that’s only 2 months away!

I am going to try to get some sleep as I am to return to work again tomorrow. However, I’ve heard that we are to get a HUGE snow storm and possibly a blizzard (if the winds keeps up like it is now!) tonight and tomorrow. So…getting to work or getting back home might prove to be a bit of a challenge. The crazy weather and the new job…that’s just about too much thrill for one day in a nurse’s life!

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