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Tough decisions

Hey guys! Yah, I know! I’m a slacker…in the blogging sphere again. oops! I can’t believe it’s July already and that means several things…good and bad. First off, that means that my weeks of orientation at work (when I’m paired with another nurse) are just about to end and I’m gonna be ON MY OWN! That’ scary but I know it will be okay. It also means that in a week I will be living the night life in the city. Literally. July 16th I hit the night shift. *sigh* On the rather sad side, July means that camp is here and I’m missing it. Good News Camp that I have attended for the past 11 years is happening this week and the next and I’M NOT THERE!!! AHHHH…it’s tearing me apart!!! Yet, I wouldn’t trade moving here to the city and my new job for anything, not even camp. But I’m missing it awfully much. Miss the people, the good times, the laughter, the sleepless nights, the campers, EVERYTHING! Serena better bring back lots of pictures of lots of stories! 🙂

This past weekend were two very important events for our country and my life. Saturday was the 4th of July holiday and it was the day my dad was born. It is the day we celebrate the freedom we have in the United States, most of all the freedom to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. And it is also the day that the most important man in my life right now came into the world…MY DAD! So…in celebration of the two events and seeing that I had off of work for 5 days over the weekend, I went back home to the country Friday and surprised my Dad! Serena had homemade ice cream and German Chocolate Cake waiting (she knew I was coming but Dad had NO idea!) for my arrival. It totally took Dad my surprise and his smile was priceless. It was fun! Then of course while I was home, I had to spend some time (actually a great deal of time) in Meade catching up with friends from my ‘old’ job. Even attended a wedding Saturday evening and got to watch some fireworks! It was great…but by Sunday afternoon, I was ready for city life again! 🙂

I worked today and it was a very good learning experience. Every day, I’m learning more and more and doing things I’ve not done before. I love the challenge…and I think that’s one of the things that ‘bored’ me so much back in Meade…there was not much of a challenge anymore! I’ve encountered some tough issues at work involving medical decisions and it has made me ponder a lot. At what point do you let a baby go? Just because your baby is not going to be normal, do you take them off of life support….? Heart medications…? Do surgery to prolong a handicap life…? Each of these precious lives, not matter how ‘unnormal’ IS a gift from the Lord and is a life that God has created. So… it has made me ask myself, “what would Jesus do?” Something I should be asking every single day anyway but too often forget.

I still love the city and the job and am even considering continuing my education…at least getting my Bachelor’s degree and possibly becoming a nurse practitioner. Yah…never thought I would even think about school again! Briann and I are still church shopping so that is still a huge prayer request. We hope to find a church soon that we can call home. Patience…patience…patience!


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The sweet life of two new roomies in the city!

For all of you who faithfully read my blog and keep up with my life from the blogging view, I apologize for my absence over the past few weeks. Let’s just say that moving is a huge adventure and time has escaped soooo incredibly fast. I have already been here in Oklahoma City for nearly two weeks! Since I haven’t started my job yet (that happens tomorrow…), it has felt like I’ve been on vacation for these 14 days! But it has been so nice to get settled and take care of all of those little details that go along with moving. And of course we’ve taken the time to pamper ourselves by tanning out at the pool, working out, shopping at the Quail Springs Mall (which is only like a block away and they even have a NY&Co store…double sweetness!) and taking some walks in the cool calm evenings! Adjusting to city life has certainly been a change and I’m not quite used to the crazy Oklahoma drivers yet! But…the transition has not been hard and I’m loving the fact that Wal-Mart and Target are less than a mile away. Wal-Mart already knows us VERY well!

Ok…so I’m going to try to give you guys a speedy run down of the last couple of weeks! Actually, the day before the big move, Sunday May 17th, Dad and I ended up in the Vetinary ER at about 10:00 pm. Our precious canine, Lady, began acting really strange that evening…shaking, drooling, nervous-acting and as time went on, she couldn’t even stand without falling over. It was almost like she was having a seizure but it lasted for longer than that. After calling the vet and watching her for about an hour, we decided we had to do something as we planned on leaving town the next day. And she wasn’t getting any better. The diagnosis of the dog Dr. was that she may have gotten into some bug spray. They gave her some IV medication including a sedative and kept her there for two days until Serena and Dad returned home from OKC. But by Monday morning, she was doing pretty well and from Serena’s report after taking her home, she was back to her normal self! YAY! I’m so glad she is okay…she was really worrying me that night (being a nurse, I could only thing of the worse…).

So Monday morning rolled around too quickly it seemed as that night had been really short due to Ladybug. I woke up to an almost empty room. I was super excited about what the day was going to bring! I quickly got all of my last minute things packed up and we were on the road to OKC by 7:30 am. Very soon, I was saying goodbye to Kansas and hello to Oklahoma! After grapping some lunch and checking in at Sycamore Farms apartments (and signing my life away!), we bagan hauling everything up and in. At least it was only about 75-80 degrees instead of 90-100! But after the 20th time up and down the stairs, Dad and I were sweating and exhausted. I don’t know about Serena…she didn’t do much work. She just took pictures…! 😉

Then, the rest of the day we went furniture shopping. On the top of my list was bedroom furniture so I would at least have a decent place to sleep.  🙂 And…finally by 9:00 that night, I decided on a bedroom set but would still have to wait until Wednesday for delivery. Welp…the air mattress will have to do for two nights! I returned to the apartment for the night while Serena and Dad stayed at a motel. I don’t think I slept hardly a wink that night…I was up until about 3 am putting away clothes and such in my fabulous walk-in closet! I was so excited about getting everything organized and settled in but some of it would have to wait until I get the dresser and chest! At least I got my closet filled! 🙂 I surprised Serena and Dad by being up and ready to go by the time they knocked on my door at 8:30 Tuesday morning.  Serena helped me make a shopping list of ‘must haves’ for a quick trip to Wal-Mart and off we went with Dad tagging along behind. Oh my goodness, there are so many things that I always have handy at home and am finding absent now! Tis the reason for so many trips to Wally World! Dad and Serena left for home by noon so they could pick up Lady before the clinic closed. And yay, they left me behind…I really am in OKC and this is my new home!

The rest of the week is actually a huge blur! Briann, my roomie, was in and out during the day as she was finishing up her last semester at OK Baptist University. I continued organizing and putting away what I could in the apartment…but without any furniture, nothing could be in it’s perfect place quite yet. :/  Wednesday, my bedroom furniture arrived…YAY!!! But…I was hoping to get the room painted before then; however, that didn’t happen as the delivery came first thing that morning. So…I had the fun job of moving furniture, painting the walls, then moving furniture again. That took up the entire day. But finally by the end of the week, my room looked incredible and turned out great! I LOVE it!

Briann’s parents and family arrived on Thursday afternoon for her Nursing pinning ceremony and graduation that weekend. So once again, we went furniture shopping for the living room and dining room and had some fun times just hanging out! Pretty much got Briann all moved in over the weekend too. YAY!!! This was just the beginning of the sweet life of two new roomies in the big city! =D

Sunday, I think we finally decided for sure on some furniture for the living room and dining room and after spending all of our money, we couldn’t wait for delivery later that week. We were desperately wanting something to sit on besides the floor or boxes or totes that were lying around everywhere! Once again the days were flying by as we shopped and decorated our new home! We had WAY too much fun and spent WAY too much money! But isn’t that why I worked for five years and lived at home without bills to pay?!?!?!

Tuesday, I had my pre-employment physical at OU Medical Center. All went well and I passed with flying colors! WOOT! It was fun to visit the place that I will soon know very well!

By Wednesday, we had a tv plus our cable and internet were set up by the cox guy.  YIPEE! Now at least I feel like I was in tune with something outside of my apartment! Had to get on facebook first thing…! 🙂 That afternoon, it was time to go back to Kansas already for the ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) renewal class I was taking at Meade Hospital. It felt very awkward sleeping in my room again but without anything in it! Got caught up with the family on the latest news and gave Lady and the kitties a hug.  Dad loaded my bike in my little car…but he had to take it apart first. 🙂 At least he got it to fit though!

Thursday from about 9 am to almost 3 pm, Briann and I took the class in Meade while catching up with friends and co-workers at the hospital during our breaks! Even though I’d only been gone a week and a half, it was wonderful to see everyone again! I miss them SOOOO much! Brings back some great memories of some great times! Little did I know that while I was in class, something michevious was going on in the parking lot that involved my car! (For the second time…!!! I should have known…) My windows had some very good artistic work on them and I must say they did a quite a good job…but washing the silly paint off was NOT fun! :/ At least, the guys were decent enough to help me wash it off but they still owe me an official car wash!!! Even now, I think there is still some green paint and the car’s been through the car wash that is right next door to our apartments. I suppose I’ll forgive them this time…but next time I visit, I’m hiding my car! After the class and getting some things taken care of at home, Briann and I were off to the city again (and with our bikes!). WHOOHOO!

Friday, I got my Oklahoma license tag and returned to OU Medical Center for my TB skin test to be read. Then, Briann and I assembled our dining room table. We were smarted than we thought! =O WOW! Briann is much more construction and ‘building things’ minded than I am. Good thing!

Yesterday morning, we loaded our bikes onto Briann’s bike rack on the back of her SUV and headed for Lake Hefner…about 5-6 miles away. We surprised ourselves by riding the entire route around the beautiful lake which ended up being 9.5 miles! It was soooo much fun and the lake was gorgeous! We decided to make a ritual of riding around the lake every Saturday that we are off work. 🙂 It would be really fun to run out there too. And perhaps sometime, we’ll try some of the fancy restaurants on the lake and check out the lakehouse!

We attended a church this morning fairly close to our apartments. However, let’s just say we’re going to try a different place next Sunday. 😉 We hope to find a church soon that we can call home and look forward to meeting new people and making new friends! This afternoon, we went to the mall because we had not been to New York and Co. since we’ve been here and we were simply DYING TO GO! They had some amazing sales too! Just what we needed to do…spend more money! AHHHH…so we didn’t stay very long! We’ve pretty much already maxed out our credit cards. Nice huh?! Anyway, we also did a minor amount of cooking for the first time in our apartment this evening. (Now that we actually have some cooking equipment!)

So now that I’ve reached the here and now, I’m blogging at this moment while watching “Straight From the Heart” and drinking an Orange Julius Smoothie! YUM! And thinking about tomorrow…I START THE NEW JOB! I’m as excited as I am nervous! Actually, these days off of having no schedule really have been nice but I’m so ready to get a routine and make some money again (to replace all that I’ve spent!)!

In summary, the move has been great. I absolutely LOVE the city life. There is sooo much to do (and not enough time!). But we’ve only been here two weeks. Briann and I love our apartment and hopefully will say the same about our jobs soon! We look forward to many fun and exciting adventures to come. Just think…this is only the beginning of our new life! =D

Next post…PICTURES!

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Has it really been two weeks since I have blogged?! Do I really only have two weeks of employment left at Meade District Hospital?! Am I really moving to OKC in just two weeks?! Yes :/ …YEs…and YES!  Two weeks from today I will be packing and getting ready for the big transition to city life! I’m getting SOOO excited because it is SOOOO close! Perhaps this is by far one of the biggest changes I have made in my life, and I’m hoping and praying it will also be one of the best! 😀

As I was chatting with my roomie-to-be (Briann) on the phone this afternoon, we eagerly discussed the when’s, where’s, and how’s of moving, painting, colors schemes, furniture, decorating, and anything and everything else having to do with our new apartment! We are indescribably excited…so much so that we can hardly stand it! I’ve pretty much decided on a dusky chocolate brown and cream color with olive green accents for my bedroom. Then, I plan to do BRIGHT pink, orange, and yellow in my bathroom with a daisy theme. In a trip to Wichita with a friend a couple Saturday’s ago, I managed to find some really great decor and even essentials for my bedroom and bathroom that fits perfectly! 😉 Monday, I made a quick up and back trip to OKC in one day just to complete some pre-employment stuff for the hospital (primarily a drugs screen…don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I passed!). I stopped by our apartment complex and made sure everything was in line for moving in on May 18th (and it is!) and also scouted out the area. I was thrilled to discover that there is a Home Depot, a Sherman Williams paint store, and a Wal-Mart within blocks of our apartment! PERFECT for the week of our painting and decorating party! Anyone who wants to come help is welcome…! 🙂

Work has kept me hopping the past couple of weeks. It has just been busy. But thankfully we haven’t seen anyone with the Swine Flu…yet. This past week I ended up working four 12-hour shifts – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Except Friday ended up being a 14-hour shift because we had a little (actually a LOT) of excitement right a shift change and so I got stuck in the ER for a while. It is getting sadder and sadder each time I go to work now because reality is setting in that I won’t be there much longer. I’m sooo excited to move on and start my new job…but it’s going to be hard and sad to leave my second family at Meade! 😦 I know I will cry my last day! I’m going to miss everyone so much. But I’ve also been really enjoying my last days at Meade Hospital knowing that “it won’t be like this for long!”

April 19th-22nd I found myself staying with our neighbor girls for the evenings and nights. They were in school during the day but I just went over after school, fixed supper, helped with homework and chores, checked the cattle, and played when the work was done! It was actually quite a tiring week and it didn’t help matters that I was just getting over a cold. By Thursday night, I was so ready to be sleeping back in my own bed, especially since I had to work the last three days of that week!

Serena has been spring cleaning the house this week…and rearranging everything! Whenever I come home from work, I never know where my stuff is going to be or even if I’ll have a bed to sleep in! Thank goodness, as of yet, I still have a bed! I’m sure that will all change once I’m gone for good though. The house has seemed to be in shambles for a while now…my boxed up stuff lying around, some old furniture here and there that we need to get rid of, and then new furniture that Dad and Serena bought for a ‘guest bedroom’ once I’m gone. Go figure…they buy new furniture AFTER I’m going to be moving! Humph!

I’ve managed to even sneak in some scrapbooking the past couple of weeks and found myself loving it! I am soooo far behind on scrapbooking and haven’t done it for a while so it was fun to get back into it! And…I even made a huge mess of paper, die-cuts, stickers, ribbon, adhesives, eyelets, stamps, and embellishments everywhere! Just ask Serena…! But I’ve learned, I can’t really scrapbook without making a huge mess. Yesterday I finished a mini book I had been working on…and it turned out really nice. I was impressed with myself anyway! 🙂 That will probably be the last scrapbooking project I do for a while….

Yesterday was a leisurely day at home. I slept in, then ended up on the phone for a loooong while with a great friend (we had  a LOT of catching up to do)! It was great! Today was just another typical Sunday. Church this morning and a quiet afternoon at home. This afternoon, I cleaned up my big huge scrapbooking mess, surfed the internet a while, chatted with Briann for an hour about apartment plans :), went on a 2-mile run (IN 16 MINUTES!!!! I broke my record…YAY!!!!), and am now blogging while watching an Andy Griffith show and sipping on diet Mt. Dew and munching on popcorn!

Last week, the weather was quite warm in the 70’s and 80’s and even reached 90 degress one or two days. But this week has cooled down and this weekend especially was cloudy, cool, and rainy. Yesterday, it showered off and on. Today it has just pretty much been cloudy, calm,  and about 55 degrees. PERFECT running weather! And my 2-mile run was very VERY nice! I just wish we had more perfect running days. I’m off again tomorrow and it is suppose to be warmer and the sun is to come out…so I’m hoping to get back outside for some tanning! I’ve been slacking on that recently! ^-^

I’ll try to be better now about keeping you all updated…. 😉

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Awww…the first day of 2009!  For me, the first day of this new year has been just like any other day of the old year. I ALMOST stayed up to officially ‘see’ the clock strike 12:00 ringing in the beginning of the new year. But at about 11:15, I figured it was better to go to bed than to sleep through my alarm the next day. 😉 And so I did. Besides that, I already watched the ball drop in Times Square New York City because of the time difference. Dad was already in bed and Serena was completely absorbed in her computer and oblivious to anything around her!

And…when the annoying alarm on my phone began singing “Good Morning Beautiful,” very early this morning, I certainly didn’t feel very beautiful or ambitious as I drug myself out of bed to the bathroom. Soon I was wide awake fulfilling my morning routines and was off to work. I was not actually scheduled to work today but because it has been very busy at the hospital and we were short-staffed today, I agreed to help out for a while. As I was hoping (since I must work the next 3 days!), I didn’t have to work all day and got off at about 3:00 pm this afternoon. When I left, I didn’t even need my coat as it was nearly 60 degrees, the sun was shinning, and the wind remained pretty calm. After getting home, I knew I couldn’t stay in the house (…it’s January…we’re not gonna have very many days above 50 degrees!) and so I adorned the jogging clothes and ran a couple of miles down the road. Lady was thrilled and I really enjoyed it as I’ve not been able to run outside much at all with the cold weather.

Even though there wasn’t much New Year’s Eve excitement at our house, my little sister was pretty excited because she was in Rockefeller Center, NYC! The crazy girl didn’t even tell us until yesterday afternoon! We assumed she was still in Florida with her college friend, Caroline! Oh no…she was in O degree weather with a million other people just to see the flashing ball drop for 2009. I’m sure it was quite an experience and I was minutely jealous that I wasn’t there too. 😉  (I didn’t miss the frigid temperatures though…I still got to watch the ball drop and I was cozy warm!)

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Ready or not…

Wow! Is Christmas really less than 48 hours away?! Is that possible?! It certainly doesn’t seem so to me. It seems as though it has sneeked up on me really fast this year…perhaps it is because Thanksgiving was a week later than usual…or perhaps it is because I was gone a week of this month in OKC…or perhaps it is just because time goes by faster and faster the older one gets! But for whatever reason…it is nearly here ready or not. And so, I’ve chosen to be ready. I have purchased and successfully wrapped all of my gifts for family and friends. And some of them have already been opened! =O I have made our traditional snack mix and Christmas goodies once again this year. The Christmas decorations finally did get put up around the house…thanks to my sister! BUT…there are still two last things that must happen before Christmas. #1: my little sister must arrive home from Birmingham, AL…safe and sound. She is on her way right now and we are expecting her in about another hour! YIPEE!!! #2: I have one last thing on my to-do list for Christmas…but it’s a secret! Sorry…can’t share it publicly but perhaps one day, I will. 😉

So anyway, I’m almost 100% ready for the most wonderful day of the year. But I tend to actually think that the holiday season is much more fun than even the Christmas day itself. And that is about to end. Sadness. 😦

Today, I made one last trip to Dodge City for a few last minute gifts. I successfully found what I was looking for…despite the fact that Wal-Mart was a nightmare and the mall was craziness! I have to say I kinda like the hustle of bustle of the season even if it is chaos! Then, I also made a trip to Meade Hospital to deliver some Christmas gifts. The hospital was rather busy and so I’m just hoping that everyone gets sent home before Christmas day as that is when I work next. I’m sure that is merely wishful thinking only. I’m afraid this Christmas is beginning to look like last year…busy busy busy!

This morning, I talked for a long while with a wonderful friend from Oregon. We had a great chat. She has been a huge inspiration to me! I love you dear Hannah! Right now, they have like 14 inches of snow…and it usually hardly ever snows there! So…I’m super jealous that she gets to have a white Christmas and it looks like it’s going to be cold and windy here…but snowless.

Oh oh oh…my sister just called! They (Caroline and Krissa) are at Ensign! That means they’re like 5 miles away!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Oh…but now we get to haul everything except the kitchen sink in the house! I’m surprised she didn’t have to rent a U-HAUL!!! 😉 Got to go….

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Biking and driving

I am off work this weekend…yea!! And although I haven’t done anything extremely exciting and don’t have anything exceptionally thrilling planned, sometimes the mundane days are the best. I met a friend from work for lunch and a chat in Dodge today then made a quick trip to the mall and bought some new Skechers. They were on sale and I’ve been in need of some new running shoes for a while. 😉 When I returned home, I found Dad snoozing on the couch in the living room (I don’t even think he heard me come home…) and Serena downstaires sewing (of course!). After checking my email and facebook, I was itching to get outside so I started riding my bike down our country road. It was warm, yes, but I didn’t really realize how steaming HOT it really was…until I hit main street Ensign, just five miles from home! =D Nothing very exciting was happening in Ensign except that the bank sign read 98 degrees. Okay…so now I have to go another five miles to get back home and I’m already literally drenched in sweat and my mouth is screaming for water. Or…I could call Dad, tell him how really stupid I was to ride my bike this far in the heat, and have him come pick me up. I voted to ride my bike another five miles (probably another not-so-wise decision). At first it wasn’t too bad…until I had to exert a lot of effort to go up the hill in addition to battling the wind. Another sore choice…I should have gone the other direction so I would have had the wind helping to push me back home. I was counting down the miles and FINALLY I hit the corner of a mile from home…suddenly, I had a new burst of energy! It was downhill from here! Passed the neighbor’s house and a few moments later, parked my bike in the garage, walked into the house, and as I grabbed my water bottle out of the fridge, Dad says, “a little warm isn’t it?” To which I replied, “yea…a little TOO warm!” After chugging down a liter of cold water, I flopped into the glider in the living room, and just sat there for a short while in a daze I think. The bike ride actually felt really good (now that I was home!) and even the baking hot sweating thirsty feeling I liked. But most of all it was worth an hour of my time because…I got a good tan! 😉

This afternoon, I chatted with my little sister on the phone a while. Hadn’t talked to her for about a week. She is loving the ritzy uptown life in Alabama and is really enjoying her internship with the Southern Living Corporation. Hummm…we’re contemplating taking a family road trip out there in October or November. I think it would be a lot of fun and Dad’s even willing to leave the farm for a few days! 😉 But of course, it would probably have to be after wheat planting and milo harvest.

Now I’m getting real serious about buying a new car. I know, I know, I’ve been thinking about it all Summer but it seems I’ve been gone so much that I kinda put it on the back burner for a while. Since I’ve done a lot of looking and researching on the net, I’m ready to hit the car lots and do some test driving! Oh yeah!!! Here’s what my options look like at this point: (A) the Honda Civic, (B) the Pontiac G5, (C) the Mitsubishi Eclipse (D) the Hyundai Tiburon, and (E) the Chevy Colbert. I really like the looks and style of the Mitsubishi and Hyundai the best…but the nearest dealership is three hours away. The Honda Civic is probably the cheapest and gets the best gas mileage but I think I’ve ruled it out because it lacks a few features that I want. So…I’m thinking that it is ultimately going to be between the Chevy and the Pontiac. I’ve actually fallen in love with the NEW ’09 Mazda RX-8…that is one sweet hot car!!! Check it out…it is totally AWESOME! But…unfortunately, it doesn’t do very well on gas and is a few thousand dollars out of my price range! Guess I’ll have to fall in love with something else! 😉

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Colorado, road trips, kittens, and pix!

Oh my goodness! It has indeed been almost a week since I’ve been back from my trip to Colorado. Hannah, Katrina, and I once again made some fun memories and shared lots of giggles and random moments! Late night chats, movie and popcorn nights, looooong walks through Old Town, ice cream and coffee shops, and Estes Park adventures including the magic gumball machine, t-shirts, and some special cards for that ‘special someone’ (Katrina…Hannah…only you know!!) were just a few of the great times. And how could I forget the Ladybug puppet with 6 fingers, the “JOYRIDE” limo, the episodes of trying on hats (from cowgirls to city slickers…!), the candy shop, the bear poop and moose droppings, and the green love bug! 😉

Although the drive to colorful Colorado could have been much more eventful and fun had I a passenger, I enjoyed the use of my cell phone much of the way along with tuning into some country music. 😉 I’m beginning to love loooong road trips (yes, I know, CO isn’t all that long…only 7 hours) but I’d much rather hop in the car and hit the road then catch a plane. Speaking of road trips, I’m thinking…hoping…that maybe Dad and Serena and I will take a little journey out to Birmingham, AL sometime this fall. That is of course where my little sister is living and I think it would be so much fun…even the 19 hour drive! Living on a farm and being the daughter of a farmer, traveling and family vacations are not always very feasible nor do they seem to happen very often. But if we can work around the cattle and wheat planting, then it looks like Alabama might just be a real possibility. YAY!!

After getting back from Colorado last Wednesday evening, I jumped right into 4 days of work…Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was actually very good to get back…I realize how much I miss my co-workers when I’m gone. They are SOOOO much fun! And believe it or not, they told me a whole bunch of lies of how much they have missed me during the month of July while I was gone at camp and Colorado! he he! I have been gone a great deal and so I’m ready to just stay at home and work for a little while anyway. Thursday and Friday proved to be quite busy, but the weekend brought a little bit of relief and during a few of the down times, I enjoyed visiting with some of my patients and their families…some of whom I’ve gotten to know quite well over the past few years. 😉 That’s what I love about a small-town hospital!

Oh, and I should mention that Skittles had her kittens July 23rd. I’m certainly glad that she waited until we were back from camp. She had 5 kittens but we lost all of them within the first week except the little black one. He seems to still be doing well and growing rapidly despite the fact that Skittles lacks some major mothering skills! Here’s a few pics of the darling balls of fur…

…and of course pictures from Colorado…!

Colorado and friends

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