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Tough decisions

Hey guys! Yah, I know! I’m a slacker…in the blogging sphere again. oops! I can’t believe it’s July already and that means several things…good and bad. First off, that means that my weeks of orientation at work (when I’m paired with another nurse) are just about to end and I’m gonna be ON MY OWN! That’ scary but I know it will be okay. It also means that in a week I will be living the night life in the city. Literally. July 16th I hit the night shift. *sigh* On the rather sad side, July means that camp is here and I’m missing it. Good News Camp that I have attended for the past 11 years is happening this week and the next and I’M NOT THERE!!! AHHHH…it’s tearing me apart!!! Yet, I wouldn’t trade moving here to the city and my new job for anything, not even camp. But I’m missing it awfully much. Miss the people, the good times, the laughter, the sleepless nights, the campers, EVERYTHING! Serena better bring back lots of pictures of lots of stories! 🙂

This past weekend were two very important events for our country and my life. Saturday was the 4th of July holiday and it was the day my dad was born. It is the day we celebrate the freedom we have in the United States, most of all the freedom to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. And it is also the day that the most important man in my life right now came into the world…MY DAD! So…in celebration of the two events and seeing that I had off of work for 5 days over the weekend, I went back home to the country Friday and surprised my Dad! Serena had homemade ice cream and German Chocolate Cake waiting (she knew I was coming but Dad had NO idea!) for my arrival. It totally took Dad my surprise and his smile was priceless. It was fun! Then of course while I was home, I had to spend some time (actually a great deal of time) in Meade catching up with friends from my ‘old’ job. Even attended a wedding Saturday evening and got to watch some fireworks! It was great…but by Sunday afternoon, I was ready for city life again! 🙂

I worked today and it was a very good learning experience. Every day, I’m learning more and more and doing things I’ve not done before. I love the challenge…and I think that’s one of the things that ‘bored’ me so much back in Meade…there was not much of a challenge anymore! I’ve encountered some tough issues at work involving medical decisions and it has made me ponder a lot. At what point do you let a baby go? Just because your baby is not going to be normal, do you take them off of life support….? Heart medications…? Do surgery to prolong a handicap life…? Each of these precious lives, not matter how ‘unnormal’ IS a gift from the Lord and is a life that God has created. So… it has made me ask myself, “what would Jesus do?” Something I should be asking every single day anyway but too often forget.

I still love the city and the job and am even considering continuing my education…at least getting my Bachelor’s degree and possibly becoming a nurse practitioner. Yah…never thought I would even think about school again! Briann and I are still church shopping so that is still a huge prayer request. We hope to find a church soon that we can call home. Patience…patience…patience!


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Typical Sunday

Awww…yes. Today was such a typical Sunday. Church this morning. Then to eat at Arby’s for lunch. Then back home, Serena and I chatted and played with the baby kittens while Dad braved the wind and cold to check the cattle (yes, he is a devoted farmer… :)). After grabbing our laptops (Serena and I that is…) and getting comfy and cozy in the living room with the warmth from the fire, we ‘computerized’ for a while. But it wasn’t long before both of us were sleeping. And I believe sometime in there, Dad also came in and crashed on the other couch. At 5:00, the tv came on and Dad watched the weather and news while eating our tradition supper of hot dogs and chips. And now, Serena is working on her taxes, Dad is doing some Bible Study, the kittens are running around the house playing with paper wads, and I’m blogging. Oh…good ol’ Sunday afternoons!

I actually did some scrapbooking yesterday for the very first time in a  very loooooong time! I loved it! I’m making a little booklet for something special and decided it would be fun to put  something together on my own rather than running to Hobby Lobby or Hastings to buy something (which I seem to have resorted to too much lately!). I only accomplished the first page but that’s a start and it’s just going to be a short mini book anyway.  Yesterday, I helped out at the annual heath fair in Meade in the morning. I was one of the blood drawers and it was fun to see and visit with a lot of people.

When I arrived back home early afternoon yesterday, I had a bit of a surprise. Serena and Dad had taken all of my stuff off of my walls in my scrapbooking room. Yes, I’ve began packing up some of my things and I’ve been moving some stuff around, but goodness gracious, I didn’t think they wanted to get rid of me this soon! 😉 I ended up cleaning out the entire room and storing it in Dad’s room because Dad is going to re-paint ‘my’ room before moving in a new bedroom set and making it into a guest bedroom. (That whole idea was actually Serena’s.) I feel like I’m going to be living out of boxes and in a disaster zone until I really do move! Oh well, SIX WEEKS and I’ll be gone! Then Serena and Dad can celebrate.

For so loooong, moving has seemed so far off. But now, reality is setting in and I can see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’ Just 6 more weeks and I’ll be on my way to OKC! HIP HIP HOORAY! Both Briann and I have jobs. We have the perfect apartment (and are already buying stuff to fill it with!). God is soooo good and it has been amazing to see how He has worked out everything, including all the little details! I’m hoping to get my OK nursing license in the mail soon…and then I’ll be good to go! Can’t wait for the city life!

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Snow Storm

Wow! I woke up this morning to a blizzard. Snow was falling and the wind was blowing nearly 100 miles per hour it seems. That’s not a good combination! Although, I was suppose to work today in the Pharmacy, I didn’t risk getting out and driving 35 miles in the ‘white-out’.  I think the weather conditions have improved a little bit now as it’s not snowing much anymore but is still just blowing! Visibility still isn’t very good. So…instead of work, I’ve been stuck in the house. Serena has been taping for her online quilt class. Dad has been taking care of the cattle…pretty much a full time job in this weather! And I’ve just been hanging out in the house…blogging :), facebooking, emailing,  texting, reading, chatting on my cell, taking pictures, and playing with the baby kittens.

I worked the last couple of days and our census is down a little bit now for a while…but despite that fact, we’ve kept steadily busy each day with outpatients and admitting and discharging! I enjoyed the days at work! And now I’m off the weekend but look forward to returning on Monday!

Here’s a few pics of the ‘blizzard’!









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Pins and Needles!

That’s right! I’m still on pins and needles waiting to hear back from the hospitals in OKC! I hope to hear back soon. They said it might be one to two weeks. So I just might have to be on pins and needles for a while longer. All three of my interviews went well and it’s going to be a difficult decision to choose which hospital. There are pros and cons to all of them. I guess I’ll see which one offers me the best job! 🙂

Let’s recap this past week a bit. After getting back from the city Wednesday late afternoon, I unpacked and got caught up with the family on some things. Bright and early at 6 am Thursday morning, Dad, Serena, and Krissa left for the loooong 15 hour drive to Lexington, KY. I think they had a pretty uneventful drive until Krissa’s TomTom led them astray for a short little bit…but thanks to Dad, they quickly got back on track. 😉 Friday, they unpacked the van and PT cruiser which was piled high with MY bedroom furniture and Krissa’s other million things! Krissa found some living room furniture for her apartment in Lexington and took care of a few other random to-do’s. Saturday morning, Dad and Serena headed home and made really good time as they arrived back home about 8:45 pm. I don’t think they took any detours on the route home. 🙂

As for me, I had the entire house to myself for about 3 days. It was quiet but nice. Thursday I spent reading through some of the hospital material given to me during the interviews, getting caught up on some emails and things around the house, and chatting with some friends. Friday, I worked. And Saturday, I swept and mopped the kitchen floor, emptied all the trash, took out the garbage, did a load of laundry, cleaned and washed out Lady’s bed and blankets on the porch, played with the baby kitties (they were lonely with Serena gone!), laid out in the sun for about an hour (and ended up with a sunburn!)…amongst various other things. I felt like I accomplished a lot even if I was home alone. Every day, I also had to go out and water all of the cattle tanks and “check the cows.” The extent of my checking on them was pretty much just making sure they were still alive! And I was pleased to tell Dad that we even had another healthy baby calf while he was gone (thank goodness the mother didn’t have any trouble…). At least the weather wasn’t freezing and I didn’t have to break any ice in the tanks…! I’m not sure Dad would have left if that were the case. I don’t think he has THAT much faith in me.

Sunday was church and I had the responsibility of teaching six 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. They were fun and there was never a dull moment in that one hour! Most of that afternoon, I found myself looking at apartment furniture on the internet! YAY! I’m having soooo much fun and am definately addicted now. I LOVE some of the contemporary modern syles now, especially the black bedroom sets! But I also don’t want to get something too trendy because styles change over time and I intend to have this furniture for a while. There are so many choices though too…I don’t know how I’m ever going to decide! AHHH!

Yesterday and today I also had off work and have mostly been at home. It has been horrifically WINDY! I often feel like I’m living in the dirty thirties again (although I never lived then…). For a while yesterday afternoon the winds calmed down very nicely while it changed direction and so I took advantage of it and went out for a jog. It was splendid! I went to Dodge this afternoon and did the grocery shopping for the week…but I thought I was literally going to blow away.

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Traveling sisters…

Right now, I’m sitting in front of the tv with my laptop watching The Long Shot. It’s about a little girl with a special horse and as with an good movie, it has a romantic twist. I have watched the DVD before but it has been a while. I LOVE romantic movies but I also love comedy so both combined makes for the perfect show…better know as chick-flick movies!

Krissa is in Lexington, Kentucky interviewing for a journalist job at Hobby Farms magazine. She drove all the 14 hours by herself yesterday, had an interview this morning, and will drive all the way back tomorrow. According to her text message earlier today, her interview ‘went well.’ She’s spent soooo much time in her PT cruiser driving literally from the east coast to the west coast, she ought to be able to drive it with her eyes closed. But I wouldn’t recommend that anyway! Within less than a year she has been from South Carolina to Kansas to Alabama back to Kansas to Florida to New York to Pennsylvania to Kansas again to California to Kansas yet again to Kentucky. I’ve probably missed a couple states in there somewhere too! By the time she manages to get a job, she’ll have probably visited nearly every state in the US. We’ll see…. She’s definitely the journalist on the move and on a mission: to find a job.

Next week, we all will be traveling…well, except Dad. He gets to stay home and hold down the farm. 🙂 Serena will be going to some sewing convention in Washington State for most of the week. Krissa is going to a friend’s wedding in St. Louis, MO next weekend.  And I will be going to Oklahoma City Thursday and Friday in search of apartments.

Enjoy these new photo shoots of the kittens. They are SOOO photogenic!











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Loving the holiday season!

Today was a typical Sunday at our house. After church this morning, I practiced piano while Serena worked on her laptop and Dad did some Bible studying. Then we watched the KC Chiefs play the Denver Broncos. At first, the game looked promising for a KC win and at half-time, they were ahead by three whole points. But in the end, they lost 17 to 24.  😦  While I was watching the game, I made some Chex Mix and some Christmas Candy…Turtles, Peanut Clusters, and Haystacks. YUMMY! Now we should definitely have enough junk food around the house to last until after the holidays. And as a tradition, we ordered a fruit cake (Mom started that because she absolutely LOVED fruit cake!) and some chocolate truffles from Swiss Colony. It should be arriving the middle of this month.

Right now, Serena and I are watching a Christmas movie, The Christmas Blessing, while blogging, facebooking, emailing…you get the picture! Dad went into church this evening.

Yesterday, I spent the day Christmas shopping and hanging out with some friends from the Wichita area. We met at Carlos O’ Kelly’s for lunch and then hit the Town East Mall. Even though it was incredibly busy…they has some great sales for the holiday season and I had a fabulous time! I absolutely LOVE shopping this time of year! Although, I didn’t quite get all of my Christmas shopping done, I am glad to say that I have a great start. I even loved the 3-hour drive to the city in my new car…with the radio turned up and tuned into Christmas music! It was grand!

While I was in the big city shopping yesterday, Serena stayed at home and decorated the house for Christmas. I was quite impressed with the lights and such as I drove into our driveway last night. She did a beautiful job! I’m glad she didn’t leave it up to me this year…because I’m pretty sure it would have never happened! 😉

I have another busy week planned…just one more week and then I’m off to OK City for a for about 5 days with one of my girlfriends! Hip-Hip-Hooray! I literally can’t wait…I’ve heard that OKC is stunningly beautiful at Christmastime! And I’m so ready to really get into the Christmas spirit!!!

So…here is a rough run-down of my schedule for this week:

Monday – work a 12-hr shift at the hospital

Tuesday – I plan to bake Holiday Sugar Cookies and a Nativity Gingerbread for Kid’s Club. Then that evening, my piano teacher and I are going out to eat and having our little ‘Christmas’ together. (Plus, I will probably practice piano for a while and hopefully clean the house throughout the day…)

Wednesday – Piano lessons in the morning then grocery shopping. After I get home, I will be making the rest of the food (sandwiches, jello, and punch) for Kid’s Club. That evening will be our Kid’s Club Christmas Party! =D

Thursday – work all day…

Friday – work all day again…

Saturday – Practice piano, catch up with some things around the house, pack for my OK City trip, and then a friend from work and I are attending the “Journey to Bethleham” tour in Jetmore. Might be a little cold…but it should be a blast!

And then Sunday, I’m off to Oklahoma…YAY!!! Sometime this week too I must wrap some Christmas gifts for our Secret Santa gift exchange at work and for my secret pal…and a few others that I must get in the mail so that they arrive before Christmas.

Enjoy the Christmas season!

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‘Bama Thanksgiving!

Okay…so I’ve kinda felt like I have thoroughly neglected my blog lately. But then…with the holidays and all maybe that’s just to be expected. However, I wish to do the unexpected and keep right on blogging even with the hustle and bustle of the season!

Let’s rewind just a bit…and re-experience Thanksgiving in Alabama. I think this is the very first year we have traveled out of state for the Thanksgiving holiday. Alabama (and some places in between too) was absolutely spectacular this time of year. The fall colors were amazingly beautiful and the trees still actually had leaves on them unlike Kansas trees (the few that we do have anyway…), which happen to be bare right now. 😦 After a 16+ hour drive and arrival at the Holiday Inn Express late Wednesday night, we settled in a bit and hit the sack by about 12:30 am.

Thanksgiving Day proved to be very nice, weather and all. The sun was shining brightly. There was NO wind (that was my favorite part)! And it was pleasantly warm. Krissa’s apartment was only a few miles from the hotel…so we journeyed over there by 9:30 that morning. As we walked into her lovely little living quarters, we were greeted by my stunningly beautiful grown-up sister…and in the background was the glow of burning candles, the aroma of food cooking, and no-doubt…CHRISTMAS MUSIC! She had decorated simply but lovely! I was quite impressed not only with her creative decorating ideas, but also her cooking skills (which have improved greatly over the past few years)! For lunch, we had Eggplant Parmesan, Greek Salad, and Breadsticks. Serena and I helped with the cooking but Krissa had everything pretty well planned out…so we just followed her orders! The food was delicious! We spent the day leisurely…visiting, laughing, reminiscing. In the afternoon, we ventured outside and took some family pictures amidst the splendid fall scenery. Right out back of Krissa’s apartment is Lake Heather and she has a wonderful view of it from her living room window.  We also drove around Birmingham a little bit admiring the landscape and nature’s beauty. That evening, we enjoyed playing some games of Pitch while snacking on popcorn, chips ‘n dip, veggies, and chocolate pecan pie. And we even fixed our traditional favorite punch, Polynesian Refresher! YUM! I just might add that Krissa and I were partners for the Pitch games…and we won both games!!! I think Serena and Dad were kinda lost…! 😉 Then before the day was over, Serena and I went back to the hotel and hopped in the hot tub for a while before bed. Krissa stayed back at her apartment to get some things ready for the big traditional Thanksgiving dinner the next day. But it wouldn’t be fair for Krissa to have to stay in her apartment all by herself for the days we were there…so I hauled my stuff over there and camped out on the couch for the next three nights.

Friday morning we spent cooking up a storm…the turkey, corn casserole, sweet potatoes, hash brown potato casserole, green beans, bread rolls, and pumpkin and pecan pie. The three of us had fun in the kitchen together…and Dad just stayed out of the way! 😉 During all the craziness of cooking, I had to make two quick runs to the nearby Target for some last minute items. Although considering this was the busiest shopping day of the year – black Friday, the runs weren’t exactly quick. There were a lot more cars around than there ever are in Kansas! Clare (one of Krissa’s good friends from college) and her Dad and brother joined us for lunch. This was Krissa’s first turkey and she did a pretty good job! Of course, the pecan pie was my favorite! Clare spend a few days during the Summer with us back at home, so it was good to see her again and to meet the rest of her family. They spent most of the afternoon with us at the apartment, just visiting. It started raining that afternoon in Birmingham and pretty much kept it up the rest of our stay. But I didn’t mind too much because it was a soft gentle rain, unlike the stormy gusty windy rains typical to Southwest Kansas. After our friends left, Krissa took us to Southern Progress Corporation where she works. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get inside, but the outside and surrounding area is quite impressive and very upscale. I really wish we could have gone inside too…but for some reason Krissa’s ‘pass key’ didn’t work! Bummer! 😦  Back at the apartment that evening, we watched a Christmas movie, “The Christmas Card.” Then we all went back to the Holiday Inn and relaxed in the hot tub for a while. Except Dad…he didn’t bring his swimming trunks! Krissa and I went back to the apartment and watched some more Christmas tv shows before going to bed.

The next morning, Krissa and I both got up early and went to the fitness center in the apartment complex and worked out for a while. Had to burn off all those extra calories we just consumed the last couple of days! The fitness center there isn’t anything great…the treadmill wouldn’t work and one of the ellipticals squeaked, but we made use of what we could. Later that morning, we went shopping at the “Galleria” mall about 20 minutes away. The mall was beautiful and of course all decorated for Christmas. We spend a few hours there but we were all pretty tired and dazed so by the middle of the afternoon we were back at the apartment watching some more Christmas tv shows. After playing two more games of Pitch that evening (unfortunately, Serena and Dad won this time…), we all went to bed fairly early as we wanted to get an early start for the loooong drive back home on Sunday. I couldn’t believe our Alabama trip was just about over already!! Sadness!

Dad, Serena, and I left Birmingham Sunday morning about 6:30 am after some tearful good-bye’s and hugs. Dad started out driving and Serena and I went back to sleep for a while (I don’t think we really slept…but we rested and dozed some)! It was raining about half of the way back home but the closer we got to home, the colder it got too. By the time we reached Kansas, it was freezing and in the 30’s! And I left Alabama wearing flip-flops! The drive home seemed much longer than the drive to Birmingham and not nearly as exciting because it was all over! *big sigh* Serena and I drove all afternoon until about 7:30 that evening, then Dad took over driving the rest of the way home. Praise the Lord for a safe trip!

Lady was super excited to see us! She doesn’t like being left home alone. And I’m thinking more and more that Skittles indeed is pregnant…she isn’t as skinny as before and she’s been eating like a pig…or a horse! Mittens is just Mittens.

Although I hate to be back home, ‘normal’ life must resume and I must go back to work!

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