Just a short update…

August is almost half over already and I have been in OKC nearly 3 months! I can’t believe it…time goes by soooo fast! I am still tremendously enjoying the city, work, friends, and all the fabulous new adventures. The job in the NICU is going well…still not liking nights very well nor sleeping the greatest during the day. BUT…I have good news! I get to move to day shift the second week in September!! YAY! I’m super-duper excited. 🙂 S l o w l y, I’m getting to know others on the unit…it just takes time I guess. Monday evening, a few of us went to dinner at Ted’s (Mexican Restaurant) just to get to know each other better. It was fun…and one of the BEST Mexican foods in town!

I’ve been off work the last several days and so I’ve gotten a lot of ordinary things accomplished like…laundry, cleaning the apartment, grocery shopping, running errands, going through the mail…etc. I’ve visited with a few of my far away friends on the phone and talked to my dad and Grandma a while today. I’ve also been out at the pool a few times in the HOT summer afternoons. Too hot just to lay out though…usually have to get wet…and get wet again, and again…and again! 🙂 Cayla, a sweet friend from church, and I have been going out to the lake in the evenings once or twice a week to get some running and walking in. It has been sooo much fun for me to find a running buddy! When I’m working in the evening, I’m usually out running in the cool early mornings! Mornings and evenings are both very beautiful and peaceful! I love it!

I’m enjoying Quail Springs Baptist Church a lot and look forward to getting more involved and active in the church. I am also looking for opportunities where I can serve and minister to others. I will be working this coming weekend and am disappointed that I will miss church. BUT…I am looking forward to going to the Shakespearean play (Hamlet) at the Myriad Botanical Gardens this Friday evening with a group from church. I think it should be sooo much fun with a lovely setting! Glad I don’t work that night! 🙂


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  1. 1

    Janessa said,

    Glad you got to Ted’s. I meant to tell you about it. Did you have to wait in line? There have been times when the line has been outside the door!

    Myriad Gardens are pretty also. I haven’t been there in years, so I’m sure it’s prettier now than when I was there. I went there with my husband when it first opened.

    That is amazing that you are moving to day shift already! It must mean you are doing well on your job.

  2. 2

    Serena said,

    Mexican food….that sounds good! We’ll have to go there whenever I come to Ok City.

  3. 3

    Pierre Bellville said,

    This is really quite unacceptable… I know I’m bad at blogging and reading others’ blogs, but really, no update for 4 months!?!?!?!?!

  4. 4

    Serena said,

    I totally agree, Josh! 🙂 I’ve told her numerous times her blog needs updating! 😉 Still love you, Jen!

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