The new job so far…

Okay…so I promised a post on the new job! I was up bright and early Monday morning ready for my first day at work! However, this week is only the paperwork and listening to talk (OU Medical Center policies, procedures, codes…etc.) so to me I don’t official start my real job until next week. But…at least while I’m sitting in the classroom with 30-40 other new employees (and at times almost falling asleep ;)), I’m getting money in my pocket book! Monday was a really really REALLY long boring day but Tuesday seemed to go by faster and today we even got away early at 12:30.Ā  The orientation program is soooo much more extensive than the one day of orientation I had at Meade Hospital! Things are SO much different in a facility with hundreds of patients versus a facility that only has 20 beds. šŸ™‚ During one of the talks on safety and the REAL OU POLICE that are staffed on the campus 24/7 (and while discussing guns and imposters and abductions from the hospital…), reality kinda hit me that…I AM LIVING IN THE BIG CITY. Whoa…kinda scary! I’m no longer living on little house on the prairie in the middle of nowhere. By the way, I’ve gotten a lot of flack (but fun flack…) about little ol’ Meade Hospital. The other nurses and employees are like “hummm, I didn’t know hospital like that still existed!” So, I informed them otherwise! šŸ™‚

I’ve kinda felt like I’m in school again this week and even on a college campus (and I guess I am…sorta)! OU Medical Center consists of two buildings basically (the Presbyterian Tower which is the adult hospital and the Everett Tower which is the Children’s Hosptial) but on the same campus are all the buildings for the University of Oklahoma…so it is a large campus. To get anywhere it seems, a lot of walking is required. At least, both hospitals and like the administrative and Physician buildings are all connected with skywalks. It takes me about 20 minutes to get to work but I always have to consider walking time which takes an additional 10 minutes at least. And parking…parking is horrid right now. They are doing so much reconstruction and building new clinics that they have lost several parking garages and so for a while, parking remains a hassle and there are some nurses who will have to park miles away and take the shuttle to the facility! But…for now we night NICU nurses get to park right next door to the Children’s Hospital in the OU Children’s Parking garage. Sweet!

The best part of orientation has been the incredible friends I’ve made already! After two weeks of being in the apartment and pretty much just hanging out with my roomie, I was in dire need of some socializing (and hence why I too was so excited about starting work). It’s been amazing to meet new people! There are four of us that are going to be working in the NICU and we’ve bonded already! It’s been such fun. Yesterday evening, we all got together (Briann and her friend also joined us) and we went out to dinner at BJ’s then to The Orange Tree for Frozen Yogurt! We had a really good time and it was a beautiful evening to sit outside and slurp on the yummy frozen treats! šŸ™‚ We were all nurses…that’s a little frightening!

Weather wise here, I can tell it is much more humid! I sweat sooo much more when I work out…like I’m literally drenching and dripping with sweat! It has been very warm like about 90 degrees except today is was only in the 70’s and rainy this morning. Most of my working out has been in the fitness center on the treadmill or the elliptical and I’ve also started doing some weight lifting. But since it was cooler today, I actually ran about 3 miles down the sidewalk by our apartments! It felt wonderful! I need to get out at the pool and do some more tanning and was hoping for that today but nope…the weather was not cooperative.

I just can’t wait to hit the floor now and take care of some babies! šŸ™‚


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    Janessa said,

    Yes, the weather is warmer in OK even up North where I live it is warmer than KS.

    As for the drivers, I feel like Okc drivers are better than Enid drivers. Living in the big city with more traffic makes one more alert and watchful.

    The parking is one good thing about working nights. I have never liked drving downtown Okc or near children’s hosptial. I have not had to do that very many times, thank goodness.

  2. 2

    Janessa said,

    As for you getting flack about the Meade hospital, those same people would be in shock about the Fairview hosptial. A lot of times they only have 1-2 patients. I went to visit a friend the other evening who was admitted for chest pains. They served her a frozen dinner for supper!

    I was also very amused when I moved to Cleo Springs and went to pay my water deposit at City Hall. I walked into a little bitty place where one person runs it and there’s a desk! But then, it’s probably a miracle that a town of 350 population has a city hall at all! Some of my friends in Okc can’t even imagine.

  3. 3

    Serena said,

    “little house on the prairie”?????

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