Has it really been two weeks since I have blogged?! Do I really only have two weeks of employment left at Meade District Hospital?! Am I really moving to OKC in just two weeks?! Yes :/ …YEs…and YES!  Two weeks from today I will be packing and getting ready for the big transition to city life! I’m getting SOOO excited because it is SOOOO close! Perhaps this is by far one of the biggest changes I have made in my life, and I’m hoping and praying it will also be one of the best! 😀

As I was chatting with my roomie-to-be (Briann) on the phone this afternoon, we eagerly discussed the when’s, where’s, and how’s of moving, painting, colors schemes, furniture, decorating, and anything and everything else having to do with our new apartment! We are indescribably excited…so much so that we can hardly stand it! I’ve pretty much decided on a dusky chocolate brown and cream color with olive green accents for my bedroom. Then, I plan to do BRIGHT pink, orange, and yellow in my bathroom with a daisy theme. In a trip to Wichita with a friend a couple Saturday’s ago, I managed to find some really great decor and even essentials for my bedroom and bathroom that fits perfectly! 😉 Monday, I made a quick up and back trip to OKC in one day just to complete some pre-employment stuff for the hospital (primarily a drugs screen…don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I passed!). I stopped by our apartment complex and made sure everything was in line for moving in on May 18th (and it is!) and also scouted out the area. I was thrilled to discover that there is a Home Depot, a Sherman Williams paint store, and a Wal-Mart within blocks of our apartment! PERFECT for the week of our painting and decorating party! Anyone who wants to come help is welcome…! 🙂

Work has kept me hopping the past couple of weeks. It has just been busy. But thankfully we haven’t seen anyone with the Swine Flu…yet. This past week I ended up working four 12-hour shifts – Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Except Friday ended up being a 14-hour shift because we had a little (actually a LOT) of excitement right a shift change and so I got stuck in the ER for a while. It is getting sadder and sadder each time I go to work now because reality is setting in that I won’t be there much longer. I’m sooo excited to move on and start my new job…but it’s going to be hard and sad to leave my second family at Meade! 😦 I know I will cry my last day! I’m going to miss everyone so much. But I’ve also been really enjoying my last days at Meade Hospital knowing that “it won’t be like this for long!”

April 19th-22nd I found myself staying with our neighbor girls for the evenings and nights. They were in school during the day but I just went over after school, fixed supper, helped with homework and chores, checked the cattle, and played when the work was done! It was actually quite a tiring week and it didn’t help matters that I was just getting over a cold. By Thursday night, I was so ready to be sleeping back in my own bed, especially since I had to work the last three days of that week!

Serena has been spring cleaning the house this week…and rearranging everything! Whenever I come home from work, I never know where my stuff is going to be or even if I’ll have a bed to sleep in! Thank goodness, as of yet, I still have a bed! I’m sure that will all change once I’m gone for good though. The house has seemed to be in shambles for a while now…my boxed up stuff lying around, some old furniture here and there that we need to get rid of, and then new furniture that Dad and Serena bought for a ‘guest bedroom’ once I’m gone. Go figure…they buy new furniture AFTER I’m going to be moving! Humph!

I’ve managed to even sneak in some scrapbooking the past couple of weeks and found myself loving it! I am soooo far behind on scrapbooking and haven’t done it for a while so it was fun to get back into it! And…I even made a huge mess of paper, die-cuts, stickers, ribbon, adhesives, eyelets, stamps, and embellishments everywhere! Just ask Serena…! But I’ve learned, I can’t really scrapbook without making a huge mess. Yesterday I finished a mini book I had been working on…and it turned out really nice. I was impressed with myself anyway! 🙂 That will probably be the last scrapbooking project I do for a while….

Yesterday was a leisurely day at home. I slept in, then ended up on the phone for a loooong while with a great friend (we had  a LOT of catching up to do)! It was great! Today was just another typical Sunday. Church this morning and a quiet afternoon at home. This afternoon, I cleaned up my big huge scrapbooking mess, surfed the internet a while, chatted with Briann for an hour about apartment plans :), went on a 2-mile run (IN 16 MINUTES!!!! I broke my record…YAY!!!!), and am now blogging while watching an Andy Griffith show and sipping on diet Mt. Dew and munching on popcorn!

Last week, the weather was quite warm in the 70’s and 80’s and even reached 90 degress one or two days. But this week has cooled down and this weekend especially was cloudy, cool, and rainy. Yesterday, it showered off and on. Today it has just pretty much been cloudy, calm,  and about 55 degrees. PERFECT running weather! And my 2-mile run was very VERY nice! I just wish we had more perfect running days. I’m off again tomorrow and it is suppose to be warmer and the sun is to come out…so I’m hoping to get back outside for some tanning! I’ve been slacking on that recently! ^-^

I’ll try to be better now about keeping you all updated…. 😉


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