FOUR WEEKS…and counting

I’m moving to OKC in just four weeks. FOUR WEEKS! Wow! I am so ready though. Excited isn’t even enough to describe how I feel. Maybe supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is better…! According to, it means fatastic or very wonderful. But even that doesn’t quite cut it…but it’ll have to do until I can invent the right word. 🙂

Last week, the Lord was so gracious to bless us with over 3 inches of rain. Yes, it was gloomy and cloudy much of the week and I prefer the sunshine. Yes, it made the roads very muddy. Yes, it made my car dirty. Yes, it was an inconvenience at times. But I wasn’t complaining because it was RAINING! Hooray! The cattle will now have some grass to eat in the pasture. The lawn will be green instead of an ugly yellowish brown. The flowers will bloom and show their bright spring colors. (You know, April showers bring May flowers.) The fields will be ready now for planting crops! The farmers (i.e. especially my dad) are happy!

Last week, I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and then babysat Logan James again on Thursday and Friday. Work wasn’t too busy and Logan was as cute and cuddly as ever! Saturday I did some major shopping for my apartment with a friend from work. We had a great time! I’m all ready to move now! 😀


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