5 WEEKS and rain and snow…

Yup yup yup! It’s Sunday again already! 5 WEEKS…5 WEEKS until I’m outa here! And…Thursday I received my OK nursing license in the mail! WOOT! Been waiting for it for like 4 weeks. Just another piece of the puzzle that’s in place…now, it’s up to Briann to graduate from nursing school! 🙂

I’ve been working a lot it seems…last week – Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Off today. Then next week, I also have a lot of hours plus an additional babysitting job in Meade. I’m working as a nurse Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday and then am babysitting for Logan James on Thursday and Friday. No spare time! But I love it!

We actually have puddles of water in our yard! It has been raining for two days and we’ve gotten like 2.5 inches! AMAZING! It has been soooo long since it’s rained that I’ve forgotten what it looks like! It is still drizzling now. Praise the Lord!

Serena went to Colorado Friday to visit a friend and make a delivery of one of the baby kitties. While she was there, they went to see The Thorn play in Colorado Springs…and I’m pretty sure they visited some fabric shops as well! I’d bet money on that! 🙂 She was suppose to return home today…but is stuck there in a snow storm! I think she’ll be able to come back home tomorrow.

Since today is Easter Sunday, we had a breakfast brunch this morning and a special service with some wonderful music! It was very nice! This afternoon, I did a load of laundry and baked a coffee cake. And…I had to play with Scamper (the last little kitty left) because she is entirely lonesome with Serena gone. Her momma of course is being a monster because she hates it when Serena is gone and she hates me!


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