Typical Sunday

Awww…yes. Today was such a typical Sunday. Church this morning. Then to eat at Arby’s for lunch. Then back home, Serena and I chatted and played with the baby kittens while Dad braved the wind and cold to check the cattle (yes, he is a devoted farmer… :)). After grabbing our laptops (Serena and I that is…) and getting comfy and cozy in the living room with the warmth from the fire, we ‘computerized’ for a while. But it wasn’t long before both of us were sleeping. And I believe sometime in there, Dad also came in and crashed on the other couch. At 5:00, the tv came on and Dad watched the weather and news while eating our tradition supper of hot dogs and chips. And now, Serena is working on her taxes, Dad is doing some Bible Study, the kittens are running around the house playing with paper wads, and I’m blogging. Oh…good ol’ Sunday afternoons!

I actually did some scrapbooking yesterday for the very first time in a  very loooooong time! I loved it! I’m making a little booklet for something special and decided it would be fun to put  something together on my own rather than running to Hobby Lobby or Hastings to buy something (which I seem to have resorted to too much lately!). I only accomplished the first page but that’s a start and it’s just going to be a short mini book anyway.  Yesterday, I helped out at the annual heath fair in Meade in the morning. I was one of the blood drawers and it was fun to see and visit with a lot of people.

When I arrived back home early afternoon yesterday, I had a bit of a surprise. Serena and Dad had taken all of my stuff off of my walls in my scrapbooking room. Yes, I’ve began packing up some of my things and I’ve been moving some stuff around, but goodness gracious, I didn’t think they wanted to get rid of me this soon! 😉 I ended up cleaning out the entire room and storing it in Dad’s room because Dad is going to re-paint ‘my’ room before moving in a new bedroom set and making it into a guest bedroom. (That whole idea was actually Serena’s.) I feel like I’m going to be living out of boxes and in a disaster zone until I really do move! Oh well, SIX WEEKS and I’ll be gone! Then Serena and Dad can celebrate.

For so loooong, moving has seemed so far off. But now, reality is setting in and I can see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel.’ Just 6 more weeks and I’ll be on my way to OKC! HIP HIP HOORAY! Both Briann and I have jobs. We have the perfect apartment (and are already buying stuff to fill it with!). God is soooo good and it has been amazing to see how He has worked out everything, including all the little details! I’m hoping to get my OK nursing license in the mail soon…and then I’ll be good to go! Can’t wait for the city life!


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    Janessa said,

    City life is good, but the traffic is horrible. Hopefully, with the time frames you work, you will escape the worst of it. But please be prepared to spend as much time in your commute to and from work as you currently do or perhaps even more. It may not be as many miles, but it will take just as long.

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