This week in a nutshell

This week has been incredibly busy. I’ve felt like I’ve ran all week and not been able to take a breath until today. WHEW! But…it’s also been fun in many ways. So here’s the run down of my week…what I remember anyway. 😉

Started the week Sunday and Monday by working both days twelve hour shifts (which actaully with the report time and the drive makes for a 14 hour day).  Sleep, work, and eat is pretty much all I get done on those days. So…I was hoping for a day to sleep in on Tuesday (I usually do this after I’ve worked a couple of days) but nope, had a dentist appointment bright and early at 8:40 am. While I was in Dodge, I also got some other errands accomplished like grocery shopping and getting a passport photo taken for my OK Nursing License application. Got home about noon, only to change clothes real quick and go into work 1:00 to 7:00pm for another nurse. No sleeping in Wednesday either as I returned for a day of work in the Pharmacy. Thank goodness, I was able to leave about 4 pm so I could still go to church for Kid’s Club that evening (especially since Serena was gone). Thursday morning, Dad and I attended the funeral of a lady in our church. Although she was elderly, she and her family are special to me because I took care of her husband in the nursing home for several years when I worked in Dodge and prior to going to nursing school. He has been deceased for a number of years but I will never forget her faithfulness to him.  Then, Thursday afternoon, I drove to Shawnee, OK to Briann’s on campus apartment at OK Baptist University. I arrived about 8 pm and we stayed up until about 1:00 am talking about apartments and moving to OKC, apartments and moving to OKC, apartments and moving to OKC…I think you get the picture. Friday was the big apartment shopping day! We were up at 7 am and arrived in the city by 10 am. Our ‘shopping’ was successful and although we visited about 5 different apartment complexes, the second one was the *perfect* one. Yup…we pretty much knew it right away…we both chimed together “THIS IS THE ONE!” Great location, right price (within our nursing budgets :)), gated community, and included all of our ‘must-haves.’ So then, after the running around was over, we found a seat at the lucious Cheesecake Factory and talked about the Sycamore Farms apartments (our soon to be new home!) and all the details. I left OKC that evening about 5:30 pm and arrived back home by 11 pm. I didn’t fall asleep. I didn’t hit any deer. And I didn’t even wreck my car! 🙂

Finally this morning, I slept in until about 8:30. YAY! The cats and Lady don’t like it though cause I always feed them when I get up. I went to my Grandma’s for lunch and spent part of the afternoon with her and my Uncle and Aunt nearby. It was great to get caught up on some things…especially since my Grandma and I have missed our lunch dates in Dodge recently.

I had to play with the baby kitties some this afternoon and then I felt like a ‘Merry Maid’ the rest of the evening! I put on some music…then got to work – doing laundry, sweeping and washing the kitchen floor, cleaning the bathroom sinks and toilets, and finally, scrubbing the bathtub. I feel great now that it’s all done! Serena would be proud of me…but she won’t be home until Monday. 😉

Thank goodness that Krissa has been home this week to do the cooking and such since I’ve kinda not really been here…with working or in OKC or running around somewhere. Thank you Kris! She’s still on the job hunt…hopefully she’ll know something for certain soon.

My new home…(minus the furniture):


the kitchen


utility room with washer and dryer!


living room and balcony


dining room


master bathroom with garden tub


main bathroom


walk in closets! YAY!


master bedroom


living room


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