Traveling sisters…

Right now, I’m sitting in front of the tv with my laptop watching The Long Shot. It’s about a little girl with a special horse and as with an good movie, it has a romantic twist. I have watched the DVD before but it has been a while. I LOVE romantic movies but I also love comedy so both combined makes for the perfect show…better know as chick-flick movies!

Krissa is in Lexington, Kentucky interviewing for a journalist job at Hobby Farms magazine. She drove all the 14 hours by herself yesterday, had an interview this morning, and will drive all the way back tomorrow. According to her text message earlier today, her interview ‘went well.’ She’s spent soooo much time in her PT cruiser driving literally from the east coast to the west coast, she ought to be able to drive it with her eyes closed. But I wouldn’t recommend that anyway! Within less than a year she has been from South Carolina to Kansas to Alabama back to Kansas to Florida to New York to Pennsylvania to Kansas again to California to Kansas yet again to Kentucky. I’ve probably missed a couple states in there somewhere too! By the time she manages to get a job, she’ll have probably visited nearly every state in the US. We’ll see…. She’s definitely the journalist on the move and on a mission: to find a job.

Next week, we all will be traveling…well, except Dad. He gets to stay home and hold down the farm. 🙂 Serena will be going to some sewing convention in Washington State for most of the week. Krissa is going to a friend’s wedding in St. Louis, MO next weekend.  And I will be going to Oklahoma City Thursday and Friday in search of apartments.

Enjoy these new photo shoots of the kittens. They are SOOO photogenic!












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    Kristy said,

    Oh my word! They are TOO cute!!! Aw, what fun! Skittles should be a proud mama!!!

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