I can already tell that this week is going to be busy and when it’s over, it’ll just be a blur! I have those weeks every now and then. Today wasn’t anything hectic at all…it was a pretty relaxed Sunday afternoon…guess that was good so I could gear up for the next 6 days. I made granola this afternoon, played with the darling little kittens, watched a tad of the pro-bowl football game (mostly just the halftime show which ended up not being worth watching…), talked to a couple of friends and sister on the phone, practiced piano, and managed a 2 1/2 mile jog in the nice COOL but blustery weather.

I work Monday, Thursday, and Friday. I will also be babysitting the neighbor girls Monday and Tuesday evening and night. Miraculously I do not have piano lessons this Wednesday because my piano teacher is traveling with her husband and they will be in California! But I will still probably go to Dodge and do the weekly grocery shopping and perhaps meet my Grandma for lunch. Then that evening I have Kid’s Klub. Saturday, I babysit for my cousin’s little boy while his parents go to a Valentine’s Banquet. I also need to get some more of the paperwork done to tranfer my nursing license to OK this week. Plus, I need to make a trip to the Mark Down Shop in Copeland to take some of the accumulation of stuff that we no longer use. I must get some piano practicing in admist it all too and some housecleaning. And…there’s a couple people at work that I need to schedule some dinner dates with…eventually! It will be a fun week! 🙂 I dislike being bored so this is great!


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