One Year Anniversary!

This month…actually the 1st of this month, was the 1 year anniversary of my new blogging adventures on A Lily Among The Thorns. YAY!! Although I cringe when I think back about what happened to all those tons of posts on my former blog and how they have utterly vanished! I never thought anything could completely vanish from the internet world…but unfortunately I was grossly wrong! Next time, I’m not taking any chances. 😉

I was off work this weekend but haven’t done anything very exciting nor do I have anything exciting planned for the rest of the weekend. But that’s okay I guess. Although I was suppose to work at the hospital yesterday, I came down sick with the flu Thursday evening and had to call in sick on Friday. I felt really bad because they were super busy at work. Believe me, I would have much rather been working! By yesterday afternoon, I was feeling worlds better but just wiped out and sad because it was so nice outside and on any other day, I would have gone jogging. Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly up to that quite yet…but I sure was today. It wasn’t quite as warm but about 65 degrees and just perfect for a 4-mile quiet jog down the country road. Lady shadowed me (or at some points led me…) all the way. She apparently found a rabbit leg in the ditch somewhere along the way and carried it all the two miles back home.  Then I think she buried it in the backyard…!

My little sister is off to sunny California tomorrow…the Portersville Recorder to be exact. But I’m thinking it’s actually cloudy California right now. Anyhow,  sunshine or rain, she has an interview with the newspaper on Monday. She’s been calling rental car companies today so she will have some means of transportation while she is there. Her tad bit of worry has turned into a huge “uh-oh” because there is a car show going on in CA this week and so all of the rentals are already taken. Hummm…she is afraid she’s going to be stuck driving a huge stick-shift clunky truck, a rusty old topless tractor, or something without a motor at all! A bicycle or a horse might be her next best option…! I just hope she makes it onto ABC news if she’s caugh dressed up in a suit riding a horse or bicycling on the streets of Portersville dragging her luggage behind her! 🙂 I would have to laugh! As funny as it would be, I certainly hope she doesn’t have to resort to that. I really would feel sorry for her then…(but only after I laughed about it!).

Skittles’ kittens are getting so BIG! They are soooo much fun! Curious. Playful. Cuddly. Just plain adorable. They’re just over three weeks old. I love their lack of coordination still and their rolly-polliness!


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