Let Me Be a Woman…again FINALLY!

Ok…so I know I have been very negligent on my postings from my book study with Hannah. It seems that all too often, time escapes and I realize that another week is over already! But despite the fact that I have failed to post anything, we have continued to faithfully read, study, and digest the encouraging and though-provoking words of Elizabeth Elliot.  Soooo, here’s the latest from Let Me Be a Woman

Chapter 24:  You Marry a Man

Ahhh! I must recognize and embrace the reality that I am not marrying another woman, but a man. Men and women are very different, yet that is not bad because that is how God created us. He made man to be bigger, bolder, more aggressive, stronger…etc. to be leaders, decision-makers, and teachers. He made women as the weaker vessel to be submissive…and yes, that means we are by nature more emotional. Perhaps men and women, husbands and wives never will completely understand each other but that’s where I believe God’s grace comes in and that’s where we learn that marriage is about giving of ourselves and forgiving.

Chapter 25: You Marry a Husband

“…let him cherish you.” It seems like that would be easy for us women to do. Most girls like to be loved, doted over, protected…etc. But I also think that there are a great many women (and perhaps that number is increasing) who do not want to be cherished or seen as weaker than a man. They want to be just as strong and just as independent as their husband. To be the weaker vessel is considered an insult in our society today, but in the eyes of the Great Creator, it is hardly an insult. It is picture perfect.


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    eBookGuru said,

    I don’t think that it requires being weaker than your partner. I think if you look closer, that husbands want to be cherished just as much as wives do, and it’s both parties that need to give of themselves to really make things work.


  2. 2

    alilyamongthethorns said,

    Thank you for your comment. I absolutely 100% agree that it takes BOTH the husband and the wife giving of themselves to make a marriage successful! The Bible in fact uses the term “weaker vessel” (1 Peter 3:7 NKJV) referring to the wife and commands the wife to be submissive to the husband and the husband to love his wife. This is not to say that the wife is of lesser value than her husband; they are both equal and joint heirs of Jesus Christ. But it rather means that a woman or wife is physically weaker and in need of protection, provision, and strength from the man. I would agree that husbands do need to be cherished as well but perhaps just in a little different way than women.

  3. 3

    Beth said,

    Thanks for your study guide. I need to get going on that book!

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