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Well, since this blogging post is way overdue…there is quite a lot that is new around here. First of all, the weather has been amazingly beautiful and almost 70 degrees today! We did have a really cold snap last weekend but only for a couple of days. This is soooo odd for January but perhaps the blizzards and snowstorms and frigid temperatures are waiting for February or March. YIKES! Or maybe…just maybe…the snow and ice is going to stay in hibernation this winter. I can only hope! 🙂

In other news, Krissa is home now for a while looking for a job. She has had several interviews mostly via the phone for possible opportunities with some newspapers…even on all the way in California! But nothing is definite and right now, she isn’t finding anything that she really REALLY likes and would want to do long term. Hopefully the economy with pick back up soon and my sister will still become a famous world traveling journalist for some big important magazine company!!! LOL!

The three adorable kittens are growing like crazy! The are getting more fun by the day. With their eyes open now, they are getting much more brave and waddeling out of their ‘bed’ and trying to scamper about. Skittles is still quite protective and doesn’t like it much when Krissa or I play with her kittens…sometimes she gets downright mad! Serena’s the only one with special privileges who can do anything with her kittens.

I have some really exciting news!!!! The NICU job prospects in Oklahoma City are looking grand!! I have been able to visit with the NICU nurse recruiters for Children’s OU Hospital, Mercy Hospital, and Integris Baptist Hospital this past week and am working on setting up interviews for spring break week. And the really good news is that Mercy is expanding their NICU by 14 beds this Summer/Fall and so they for sure will be hiring more RN’s. YAY!!! Mercy would probably be my first pick anyway so I’m pretty much on CLOUD 9!! The apartment search is going great too…Briann and I have several more complexes that we want to further investigate. So…hopefully in the next week or two, I will be running to OKC again!

I am enjoying Krissa being home now for a while and getting to hang out with her! Although…three girls sharing ONE bathroom is proving interesting sometimes. Especially like Sunday mornings when we are all at home and it’s my weekend off! AHHHH! Sometimes I think a schedule with time limits is needed! I’m just glad that Dad has his own bathroom or he’d never get a turn! 😉

Work has remained pretty steady with it’s up’s and down’s. I worked yesterday in the hospital Pharmacy and am working this weekend. It was rather busy today…but I’m hoping for a less stressful day tomorrow.

Wednesday and Thursday nights this week, I stayed the night with our neighbor girls plus their two annoying toy poodles who want to snuggle in bed or lick my face (yuck!) and another two huge dogs that bark all night…and cats galore! I love cats and dogs…but in moderation please! So needless to say, I did NOT attain much sleep! I was glad to be back in my own bed last night.

Thursday, Krissa and I spent most of the day shopping around in Garden City. Krissa wants to re-decorate and make one of the upstaires bedrooms into a guest room. She has some terrific ideas and we had fun looking at furniture and decor and color shemes. Unfortunately…Dad has a budget that we must adhere to! I think a trip to Wichita is in order sometime in the near future…just the three of us girls!

I’m trying to write more often and keep you all in the loop! I need to post some more from my journal on the book study of “Let Me Be A Woman”…hopefully I’ll get that accomplished this next week! Hannah and I have kept up the study…I just haven’t been faithful to post it on here….oops!

Oh oh OH…how could I forget…Fireproof came out on DVD this week so Krissa and I picked it up in Garden City. Unfortunately with my work schedule we haven’t had a change to watch it again yet…but soon. I can’t wait!


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  1. 1

    Beth said,

    Sounds like you have been busy. Glad your having some great sister time!

  2. 2

    alilyamongthethorns said,

    Yes! I have been! But it’s been great having Krissa home for a while…’cept the part of sharing the bathroom. 😉

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