Musings for the New Year

Hummm…another week has arrived already. Soon January will be over. But that’s okay too. January was never one of my favorite months for several different reasons. It’s usually cold outside often without any snow. And, it’s around this time of the month when all those new year’s resolutions begin to fade and this year seems just like the last. (For some…hopefully not!) The holidays and ‘breaks’ are over for another whole year.  Lastly, taxes are due.  *uge*

But in all reality, I can rejoice in every day of EVERY month, even January. Because, each day is a gift from the Lord…even when it’s freezing cold outside, you’ve blown your diet for the new year, you’re back to studying hard and/or working hard, and you have to pay Uncle Sam…! Some things could always be worse.

With the new year, I’m trying to spend more time thanking the Lord for what I do have instead of complaining or wishing I had this or that. Like thanking Him for…

  • Salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ
  • His Word, the Bible
  • my wonderful family
  • Lady and my sweet bundles of fur
  • my friends
  • safety and protection
  • my job and co-workers
  • my house
  • my new car 🙂
  • His beautiful creation…even if it is cold!
  • technology (it’s amazing and wonderful huh?!)

…and MUCH more!


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