Exciting news!

I have some exciting news..SKITTLES HAD THREE LITTLE TINY KITTENS TODAY!!! YAY!!!! And so far they are all alive and seem to be doing well. All three are white so I image they will be Siamese and the darker colored fur will come in as they get older.

And I have some more good news…my  second new car should be here this weekend or early next week! I’m so excited…it’s hard to be working full time and not have my own car. But thankfully, Serena and Dad have graciously allowed me to borrow theirs…despite my now not-so-good driving record! 😉

Work has been pretty crazy and busy but somehow I’ve not minded…since we had quite a lull boring few months a while back. It has been a nice change actually.  This week, I worked Monday and Tuesday and work tomorrow. I’m realizing more and more each day how much I love my co-workers and patients!

Yesterday was my first day back to Kid’s Club this year. (We actually resumed last week and just had a review session…but because of my wreck, I didn’t go.) This semester, we are studying Jesus’ Parables and having the kids memorize the books of the Bible and the Ten Commandments. I’m in charge of the games…so if any of you have some terrific ideas for group games for kids 3re-8th grade, just let me know! I’ve been able to find some really great ideas on the internet.

Even though I did not have piano lessons yesterday because of my wrist injury from the accident, I did go into Dodge and do the weekly grocery shopping. I met my Grandma for lunch at Subway. We hadn’t met in Dodge for a while due to the holidays so it was great to meet up again with her.

I was home most of today and glad to be inside with the frigid 20 degrees outside! BRRRR! I got caught up with some things on my computer, wrote some way overdue emails, and talked for quite some time on the phone with a couple of my dear friends! I even talked a while with my little sister this evening…she is still in Florida job hunting but is hoping to come back home the middle of next week.

The movie, Fireproof, comes out on DVD the end of this month. I can’t wait to see it again! It is SOOOO good! Every time I hear the song “While I’m Waiting” by John Waller on the radio , it makes me want to watch the movie even more!


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