New lease on life…

The past week has brought some scary moments, emotional turmoil, and a new lease on life. I have sensed God’s very presence and His protection. I have realized that He is in control of absolutely everything, even the mundane things in life. He has truly extended His grace and mercy abundantly to me and I am grateful.

Tuesday morning stated as routinely as any other ordinary day in my life. This particular day I had plans to meet a girlfriend in Liberal for lunch (which I was very thrilled about by the way!). But merely a mile from my house, the Lord got my attention in a way I never expected and most certainly didn’t desire.  As I was fearlessly driving down the dirt road, I looked away for only a second to grap something out of my purse, got caught in some loose sand on the road, and the next thing I knew, I was upside down in my car in the field. WHOA! I have never been so scared in my life.  My car rolled twice and was totaled. But amazingly enough and certainly only by the grace of God, I suffered only a sprained left wrist and some minor cuts and bruises. Praise the Lord is all I can say.

I’m not saying by any means that God ’caused’ the accident but I do think that He allowed it. Perhaps He wanted to simply get my attention and remind me that my life IS not my own and He could take it at any moment. Perhaps He wants me to learn to trust Him more and to seek His wisdom in even the everyday things of life. Perhaps He wants to break my pride and for me to be content and grateful for all that He has given to me.

I was back at work Thursday and Friday and didn’t even have to take any time off. Work has remained incredibly busy but I’ve not minded. I have had this weekend off but return tomorrow and Tuesday. After being off a couple of days, I look forward to going back tomorrow.


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    Ruth said,

    Praise the Lord He protected you! Yes, He does allow things to happen to get our attention sometimes. Glad you are ok!

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