Awww…the first day of 2009!  For me, the first day of this new year has been just like any other day of the old year. I ALMOST stayed up to officially ‘see’ the clock strike 12:00 ringing in the beginning of the new year. But at about 11:15, I figured it was better to go to bed than to sleep through my alarm the next day. 😉 And so I did. Besides that, I already watched the ball drop in Times Square New York City because of the time difference. Dad was already in bed and Serena was completely absorbed in her computer and oblivious to anything around her!

And…when the annoying alarm on my phone began singing “Good Morning Beautiful,” very early this morning, I certainly didn’t feel very beautiful or ambitious as I drug myself out of bed to the bathroom. Soon I was wide awake fulfilling my morning routines and was off to work. I was not actually scheduled to work today but because it has been very busy at the hospital and we were short-staffed today, I agreed to help out for a while. As I was hoping (since I must work the next 3 days!), I didn’t have to work all day and got off at about 3:00 pm this afternoon. When I left, I didn’t even need my coat as it was nearly 60 degrees, the sun was shinning, and the wind remained pretty calm. After getting home, I knew I couldn’t stay in the house (…it’s January…we’re not gonna have very many days above 50 degrees!) and so I adorned the jogging clothes and ran a couple of miles down the road. Lady was thrilled and I really enjoyed it as I’ve not been able to run outside much at all with the cold weather.

Even though there wasn’t much New Year’s Eve excitement at our house, my little sister was pretty excited because she was in Rockefeller Center, NYC! The crazy girl didn’t even tell us until yesterday afternoon! We assumed she was still in Florida with her college friend, Caroline! Oh no…she was in O degree weather with a million other people just to see the flashing ball drop for 2009. I’m sure it was quite an experience and I was minutely jealous that I wasn’t there too. 😉  (I didn’t miss the frigid temperatures though…I still got to watch the ball drop and I was cozy warm!)


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  1. 1

    Janessa said,

    Being in NYC would have pretty exciting on New Year’s Eve. I would have liked to have seen that one time.

  2. 2

    Jena said,

    Yea…I wish I could have been there too! Maybe sometime…

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