The past and the future

In a little over 26 hours, the year 2008 can be added to all the history books. I can’t believe another year has gone by already and that 2009 is before me. For years, my grandparents and parents have always said that “the older you get…the faster time goes by.” Wow! I’m realizing how true that really is now! I can hardly believe that I have lived eight years in the new millennium. And it certainly doesn’t seem that I’m approaching my 5th year of working as an RN at Meade District Hospital. But whether or not I want to believe it or like it, time does not stop or even slow down.

That brings to mind something else that I often think about with a new year on the horizon – the return of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I do believe that His return is very near. Certainly, it may still be several years down the road and no one knows the exact time or hour of His coming, but I do think that I will see it in my lifetime. For many many years, I remember telling my dear Mother that I didn’t want Jesus to come back until I was married and had kids. And that still holds true today. I desire to fall in love with the husband that God has for me and to be a mommy. But in reality, nothing can compare to the coming of the Lord. Nothing can compare to the joy and happiness of being caught up together with the Lord in the clouds and living forever and EVER in a place prepared just for me. Not even falling in love or getting married or having a family.

And so…as I contemplate the new year and the future as a whole, I have much to look forward to. Perhaps the new year will bring love and marriage and a family of my own…or perhaps I will get to see my Savior face to face. Or just perhaps…I will have another ordinary year and find joy in life’s simple pleasures. Maybe 2009 will hold some exciting surprises or maybe it will bring some difficult times. Whatever the case may be, I can rejoice! God not only knows the future, but He holds the future in His hands!


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