Ready or not…

Wow! Is Christmas really less than 48 hours away?! Is that possible?! It certainly doesn’t seem so to me. It seems as though it has sneeked up on me really fast this year…perhaps it is because Thanksgiving was a week later than usual…or perhaps it is because I was gone a week of this month in OKC…or perhaps it is just because time goes by faster and faster the older one gets! But for whatever reason…it is nearly here ready or not. And so, I’ve chosen to be ready. I have purchased and successfully wrapped all of my gifts for family and friends. And some of them have already been opened! =O I have made our traditional snack mix and Christmas goodies once again this year. The Christmas decorations finally did get put up around the house…thanks to my sister! BUT…there are still two last things that must happen before Christmas. #1: my little sister must arrive home from Birmingham, AL…safe and sound. She is on her way right now and we are expecting her in about another hour! YIPEE!!! #2: I have one last thing on my to-do list for Christmas…but it’s a secret! Sorry…can’t share it publicly but perhaps one day, I will. 😉

So anyway, I’m almost 100% ready for the most wonderful day of the year. But I tend to actually think that the holiday season is much more fun than even the Christmas day itself. And that is about to end. Sadness. 😦

Today, I made one last trip to Dodge City for a few last minute gifts. I successfully found what I was looking for…despite the fact that Wal-Mart was a nightmare and the mall was craziness! I have to say I kinda like the hustle of bustle of the season even if it is chaos! Then, I also made a trip to Meade Hospital to deliver some Christmas gifts. The hospital was rather busy and so I’m just hoping that everyone gets sent home before Christmas day as that is when I work next. I’m sure that is merely wishful thinking only. I’m afraid this Christmas is beginning to look like last year…busy busy busy!

This morning, I talked for a long while with a wonderful friend from Oregon. We had a great chat. She has been a huge inspiration to me! I love you dear Hannah! Right now, they have like 14 inches of snow…and it usually hardly ever snows there! So…I’m super jealous that she gets to have a white Christmas and it looks like it’s going to be cold and windy here…but snowless.

Oh oh oh…my sister just called! They (Caroline and Krissa) are at Ensign! That means they’re like 5 miles away!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Oh…but now we get to haul everything except the kitchen sink in the house! I’m surprised she didn’t have to rent a U-HAUL!!! 😉 Got to go….


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