Christmas in OKC!

Okay…so as most of you know, I’ve spent nearly the entire past week in Oklahoma. One of my girlfriends from Meade is attending Oklahoma Baptist University (located in Shawnee, about 30 minutes from OKC) with a major in nursing! YAY! She will be graduating in May and is pretty sure she will stay in the OKC area…and is wanting a roommate…. So I went down there for several reasons…one, to spend some fun time with Briann; and two, to look into apartments and hospital job opportunities in northern OKC. Yes, I am seriously thinking about moving down there with her after she graduates. I would love the thrilling opportunity to work in a far larger hospital than Meade and have always dreamed of working in a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Plus, it would be fun for Bri and I to have our own little apartment. =)

But I haven’t decided for sure because there are some other things to consider…and not just packing up my bags right away and moving to the big city! I’m sure I would not have the flexibility or freedom of getting off work or trading with co-workers as I do in our little hospital. Plus, I would have to apply for an RN license in Oklahoma (which shouldn’t prove to be a huge deal…thank goodness!) I’m sure I would miss knowing all my co-workers and even some patients personally. I wonder how I would keep up with my piano playing as we certainly wouldn’t have a piano in the apartment. I might just have to invest in a large keyboard. 😉 But also…there’s the issue of moving out out the house and living ‘on my own.’ I’m sure I would develop a lot of independence and more of a ‘career woman’ mentality. And perhaps that is not all bad…but my ultimate goal is to be married and raise up a new generation of children who desire to serve and honor the Lord! Now would be the time for me to get experience elsewhere though, while I’m yet single! So…I’m still praying about it!

OKC was grand! Briann and I had a wonderful time enjoying the big city life! We literally shopped…and shopped…and shopped until we dropped. By Friday, we desperately needed to go home…or we would be having some issues with the credit card companies! YIKES! But they had such great sales! New York and Co. was awesome…I LUV that store! We spend waaaaay too much time in there Wednesday and then we even had to go back on Thursday, when they had even better sales! We did most of our shopping at the Penn Square Mall…but also visited Old Navy and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Wednesday evening, we dressed up went down to Bricktown and ate at Zio’s Italian Restaurant. It was quite lovely with amazing service. We certainly enjoyed the girls night out! After dinner, we walked around downtown…for only a short while though as it was very nippy outside and we were wearing dressy attire with heels! The city lights were beautiful! Thursday, after shopping, we went ice skating at Devon’s outdoor ice rink. At first, it was a bit chilly…but we quickly warmed up, especially with our hats and scarfs! It was super fun and we didn’t even fall! 😉 Also that evening, we spent more time walking around Bricktown and walking through the Myriad Botanical Gardens which were all lit up for the holiday season! It was very pretty.

Friday, we went shopping again…but a different kind of shopping. APARTMENT SHOPPING! We looked at about four apartment complexes in northern OKC…and managed to find one that we really liked. And it’s affordable too and has pretty much everything we would want. And I absolutely love the fact that all of the complexes are located around a huge golf course! No…I don’t care an ounce about the golf. But, there is so much outdoor space to work out jogging or running! The entire area is gated so I would feel pretty safe running on the grounds. 🙂


Briann and I


at Zio’s Italian Restaurant in Bricktown




at the Myriad Gardens


after our scarf shopping spree!

Check out my foto flicks page for more pictures!


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