Then and NOW!

Okay…it’s been over a week since I’ve blogged and a lot has been happening! Right now, I’m in Shawnee, OK, staying with Brainn (a girlfriend from Meade) in her apartment at OK Baptist University. I’m super excited to spend this week with her…and as soon as she finishes her nursing finals tomorrow am, the fun begins!!! But first, let me backtrack a little to this past week…

Monday, I worked. It was busy and it seems that our ‘quiet’ streak has resolved and the winter madness at the hospital has begun. I even stayed late to help the night shift until about 9pm…so I think I put in about a 15-hour day! WHEW! Good thing I didn’t have to come back the next day. Maybe being busy isn’t such a bad thing. It certainly makes a 12-hour shift (or a 15-hour one!) swing by really fast.

Tuesday I was home most of the day baking holiday sugar cookies and nativity ginger-breads for Kid’s Club. There were also a few table decorations that I finished. I had an incredibly good time and I was quite proud of my nativity scenes! I think they turned out really cute!





Tuesday evening, my piano teacher and I went out to eat at Applebee’s in Dodge City and had our little Christmas. I think we probably picked the coldest and most windy evening, but despite that, we had a good time of chatter and laughter! I made a quick run to Wal-Mart before returning home…after all, no trip to Dodge City is complete without stopping by the Wal-Mart store.

Wednesday morning, I had piano lessons as usual…the last one for a couple weeks over the holidays though. I also did some grocery shopping (which included going to Wal-Mart… ;)). Then, I made the sandwiches and punch and finished the jello for that evening. And very soon, 6:30 pm arrived and it was time for the Kid’s Club Christmas Party! I had so much fun with the decorations and the kids and I think they all had a really good time as well.





For more pictures, click here…or go to my foto flicks page!

Thursday and Friday, I was back at work for another whirlwind of activity! Saturday, after sleeping in late and catching up on some zzzzz’s, I got some gift wrapping done for my secret pal and secret santa at work and for some friends. I was thrilled that a couple things I ordered had arrived so I could get them wrapped and packaged and shipped off to my far-away friends! I did some laundry and other odd’s and inn’s around the house getting ready for a week in Oklahoma. That evening, I packed and was really up too late (…til almost 1:30 am…). Sunday finally arrived as my alarm woke me up at 5:30 am. I was super excited as I rolled out of bed and got ready to hit the road. I left home about 7:45 am, drove to Meade, and then rode with Briann’s parents and brother for the 5-hour drive to OK Baptist University in Shawnee!

Well…now that you’re caught up, I can tell you about the here and now! When we arrived in Shawnee yesterday about 2:30 pm, it was so nice and warm with temperatures hitting 75 degrees! Stunningly beautiful…especially leaving Kansas with a frigid temperature of 15 degrees! But within a matter of about 3 hours, the cold front was coming to OK (it must have followed us from Kansas ;)) and the temperature dropped by about 40 degrees. That evening, we attended a Christmas Program and Dinner at a local church (Briann was playing the saxaphone in the orchestra) and a bank thermometer read 21 degrees!!! It was certainly cold enough! The Christmas program was delightful though and the music was amazing! The church was decorated so beautiful with traditional Christmas colors and poinsettas. Unfortunately, all of us forgot our cameras. 😦

After the program, Briann and I made a run to Wal-Mart to pick up a few essential items…like some Diet Mt. Dew! And we picked up some ingredients to do some cooking for supper tonight…lasagna, breadsticks, and salad. Like I said, no trip is complete without a run to the local Wal-Mart store! We watched a little tv last night and celebrated Christmas…and I helped Briann study for a while (well…tried to help her…it’s been waaaaay too long since I was in nursing school…and then, we’d get distracted and start talking about something not related to studying for the nursing test…!). But anyway, we called it a night about midnight.

This morning, we met Briann’s parents at IHOP for a late but delicious breakfast, before they hit the road again to head back home. It was YUMMMMY and will keep us plenty full until supper tonight! Briann has been studying for a couple hours…while I’ve been blogging and uploading pictures. She’s now taking her test. She also has one final tomorrow morning and then we plan to visit downtown Shawnee and the mall. Wednesday morning, we’re gonna go into OK City and spend the rest of the week there shopping, partying in Bricktown, ice skating, and maybe even a carriage ride! YAY!

It is still really cold today…in the 20’s, but by Thursday it is suppose to be back up into the 60’s. 🙂


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  1. 1

    Ruth said,

    I love the gingerbread nativity, what a great idea! Have fun in OK City, don’t plan on it getting too muuch warmer. 😉

  2. 2

    Janessa said,

    I was in bricktown Wednesday evening around 7 pm and kept my eyes peeled for you, but didn’t see you. While Bricktown is pretty, I can’t honestly say that I think it is stunning at Christmas. I think I prefer it in the summer.

  3. 3

    alilyamongthethorns said,

    Really!? Hummm…well, if I move there, then I will get to see it in Summer too! Too bad we didn’t run into each other…we were in Bricktown wednesday evening but only for a short while. We returned Thursday evening when it was a little less cold!

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