Loving the holiday season!

Today was a typical Sunday at our house. After church this morning, I practiced piano while Serena worked on her laptop and Dad did some Bible studying. Then we watched the KC Chiefs play the Denver Broncos. At first, the game looked promising for a KC win and at half-time, they were ahead by three whole points. But in the end, they lost 17 to 24.  😦  While I was watching the game, I made some Chex Mix and some Christmas Candy…Turtles, Peanut Clusters, and Haystacks. YUMMY! Now we should definitely have enough junk food around the house to last until after the holidays. And as a tradition, we ordered a fruit cake (Mom started that because she absolutely LOVED fruit cake!) and some chocolate truffles from Swiss Colony. It should be arriving the middle of this month.

Right now, Serena and I are watching a Christmas movie, The Christmas Blessing, while blogging, facebooking, emailing…you get the picture! Dad went into church this evening.

Yesterday, I spent the day Christmas shopping and hanging out with some friends from the Wichita area. We met at Carlos O’ Kelly’s for lunch and then hit the Town East Mall. Even though it was incredibly busy…they has some great sales for the holiday season and I had a fabulous time! I absolutely LOVE shopping this time of year! Although, I didn’t quite get all of my Christmas shopping done, I am glad to say that I have a great start. I even loved the 3-hour drive to the city in my new car…with the radio turned up and tuned into Christmas music! It was grand!

While I was in the big city shopping yesterday, Serena stayed at home and decorated the house for Christmas. I was quite impressed with the lights and such as I drove into our driveway last night. She did a beautiful job! I’m glad she didn’t leave it up to me this year…because I’m pretty sure it would have never happened! 😉

I have another busy week planned…just one more week and then I’m off to OK City for a for about 5 days with one of my girlfriends! Hip-Hip-Hooray! I literally can’t wait…I’ve heard that OKC is stunningly beautiful at Christmastime! And I’m so ready to really get into the Christmas spirit!!!

So…here is a rough run-down of my schedule for this week:

Monday – work a 12-hr shift at the hospital

Tuesday – I plan to bake Holiday Sugar Cookies and a Nativity Gingerbread for Kid’s Club. Then that evening, my piano teacher and I are going out to eat and having our little ‘Christmas’ together. (Plus, I will probably practice piano for a while and hopefully clean the house throughout the day…)

Wednesday – Piano lessons in the morning then grocery shopping. After I get home, I will be making the rest of the food (sandwiches, jello, and punch) for Kid’s Club. That evening will be our Kid’s Club Christmas Party! =D

Thursday – work all day…

Friday – work all day again…

Saturday – Practice piano, catch up with some things around the house, pack for my OK City trip, and then a friend from work and I are attending the “Journey to Bethleham” tour in Jetmore. Might be a little cold…but it should be a blast!

And then Sunday, I’m off to Oklahoma…YAY!!! Sometime this week too I must wrap some Christmas gifts for our Secret Santa gift exchange at work and for my secret pal…and a few others that I must get in the mail so that they arrive before Christmas.

Enjoy the Christmas season!


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    Janessa said,

    I doubt that Okc is any prettier than other city at Christmas. I lived in that area for 23 years. However, it is pretty. Most people like to go to Chickasha to look at the Christmas lights. It’s not far from the City. On your way back, you might cruise the lights in Kingfisher. They are my favorites. Also, don’t know if they still have them or not, but they used to have zoo lights which were awesome at the Okc zoo.

    What day do you plan to be in Okc? Monday some bad weather is suppossed to come in as well as Wednesday. If the weather remains good, I plan to be in Brick town on Wednesday evening at the Melting Pot on Sheridan. I have never been to that restuarant, so this will be a new experience. It is a farewell to a friend who is moving to New Mexico.

    Maybe we will run into each other.

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