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The past and the future

In a little over 26 hours, the year 2008 can be added to all the history books. I can’t believe another year has gone by already and that 2009 is before me. For years, my grandparents and parents have always said that “the older you get…the faster time goes by.” Wow! I’m realizing how true that really is now! I can hardly believe that I have lived eight years in the new millennium. And it certainly doesn’t seem that I’m approaching my 5th year of working as an RN at Meade District Hospital. But whether or not I want to believe it or like it, time does not stop or even slow down.

That brings to mind something else that I often think about with a new year on the horizon – the return of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I do believe that His return is very near. Certainly, it may still be several years down the road and no one knows the exact time or hour of His coming, but I do think that I will see it in my lifetime. For many many years, I remember telling my dear Mother that I didn’t want Jesus to come back until I was married and had kids. And that still holds true today. I desire to fall in love with the husband that God has for me and to be a mommy. But in reality, nothing can compare to the coming of the Lord. Nothing can compare to the joy and happiness of being caught up together with the Lord in the clouds and living forever and EVER in a place prepared just for me. Not even falling in love or getting married or having a family.

And so…as I contemplate the new year and the future as a whole, I have much to look forward to. Perhaps the new year will bring love and marriage and a family of my own…or perhaps I will get to see my Savior face to face. Or just perhaps…I will have another ordinary year and find joy in life’s simple pleasures. Maybe 2009 will hold some exciting surprises or maybe it will bring some difficult times. Whatever the case may be, I can rejoice! God not only knows the future, but He holds the future in His hands!


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*Merry Christmas*

merrychristmascats**MERRY CHRISTMAS**

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Ready or not…

Wow! Is Christmas really less than 48 hours away?! Is that possible?! It certainly doesn’t seem so to me. It seems as though it has sneeked up on me really fast this year…perhaps it is because Thanksgiving was a week later than usual…or perhaps it is because I was gone a week of this month in OKC…or perhaps it is just because time goes by faster and faster the older one gets! But for whatever reason…it is nearly here ready or not. And so, I’ve chosen to be ready. I have purchased and successfully wrapped all of my gifts for family and friends. And some of them have already been opened! =O I have made our traditional snack mix and Christmas goodies once again this year. The Christmas decorations finally did get put up around the house…thanks to my sister! BUT…there are still two last things that must happen before Christmas. #1: my little sister must arrive home from Birmingham, AL…safe and sound. She is on her way right now and we are expecting her in about another hour! YIPEE!!! #2: I have one last thing on my to-do list for Christmas…but it’s a secret! Sorry…can’t share it publicly but perhaps one day, I will. 😉

So anyway, I’m almost 100% ready for the most wonderful day of the year. But I tend to actually think that the holiday season is much more fun than even the Christmas day itself. And that is about to end. Sadness. 😦

Today, I made one last trip to Dodge City for a few last minute gifts. I successfully found what I was looking for…despite the fact that Wal-Mart was a nightmare and the mall was craziness! I have to say I kinda like the hustle of bustle of the season even if it is chaos! Then, I also made a trip to Meade Hospital to deliver some Christmas gifts. The hospital was rather busy and so I’m just hoping that everyone gets sent home before Christmas day as that is when I work next. I’m sure that is merely wishful thinking only. I’m afraid this Christmas is beginning to look like last year…busy busy busy!

This morning, I talked for a long while with a wonderful friend from Oregon. We had a great chat. She has been a huge inspiration to me! I love you dear Hannah! Right now, they have like 14 inches of snow…and it usually hardly ever snows there! So…I’m super jealous that she gets to have a white Christmas and it looks like it’s going to be cold and windy here…but snowless.

Oh oh oh…my sister just called! They (Caroline and Krissa) are at Ensign! That means they’re like 5 miles away!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Oh…but now we get to haul everything except the kitchen sink in the house! I’m surprised she didn’t have to rent a U-HAUL!!! 😉 Got to go….

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Christmas in OKC!

Okay…so as most of you know, I’ve spent nearly the entire past week in Oklahoma. One of my girlfriends from Meade is attending Oklahoma Baptist University (located in Shawnee, about 30 minutes from OKC) with a major in nursing! YAY! She will be graduating in May and is pretty sure she will stay in the OKC area…and is wanting a roommate…. So I went down there for several reasons…one, to spend some fun time with Briann; and two, to look into apartments and hospital job opportunities in northern OKC. Yes, I am seriously thinking about moving down there with her after she graduates. I would love the thrilling opportunity to work in a far larger hospital than Meade and have always dreamed of working in a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Plus, it would be fun for Bri and I to have our own little apartment. =)

But I haven’t decided for sure because there are some other things to consider…and not just packing up my bags right away and moving to the big city! I’m sure I would not have the flexibility or freedom of getting off work or trading with co-workers as I do in our little hospital. Plus, I would have to apply for an RN license in Oklahoma (which shouldn’t prove to be a huge deal…thank goodness!) I’m sure I would miss knowing all my co-workers and even some patients personally. I wonder how I would keep up with my piano playing as we certainly wouldn’t have a piano in the apartment. I might just have to invest in a large keyboard. 😉 But also…there’s the issue of moving out out the house and living ‘on my own.’ I’m sure I would develop a lot of independence and more of a ‘career woman’ mentality. And perhaps that is not all bad…but my ultimate goal is to be married and raise up a new generation of children who desire to serve and honor the Lord! Now would be the time for me to get experience elsewhere though, while I’m yet single! So…I’m still praying about it!

OKC was grand! Briann and I had a wonderful time enjoying the big city life! We literally shopped…and shopped…and shopped until we dropped. By Friday, we desperately needed to go home…or we would be having some issues with the credit card companies! YIKES! But they had such great sales! New York and Co. was awesome…I LUV that store! We spend waaaaay too much time in there Wednesday and then we even had to go back on Thursday, when they had even better sales! We did most of our shopping at the Penn Square Mall…but also visited Old Navy and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Wednesday evening, we dressed up went down to Bricktown and ate at Zio’s Italian Restaurant. It was quite lovely with amazing service. We certainly enjoyed the girls night out! After dinner, we walked around downtown…for only a short while though as it was very nippy outside and we were wearing dressy attire with heels! The city lights were beautiful! Thursday, after shopping, we went ice skating at Devon’s outdoor ice rink. At first, it was a bit chilly…but we quickly warmed up, especially with our hats and scarfs! It was super fun and we didn’t even fall! 😉 Also that evening, we spent more time walking around Bricktown and walking through the Myriad Botanical Gardens which were all lit up for the holiday season! It was very pretty.

Friday, we went shopping again…but a different kind of shopping. APARTMENT SHOPPING! We looked at about four apartment complexes in northern OKC…and managed to find one that we really liked. And it’s affordable too and has pretty much everything we would want. And I absolutely love the fact that all of the complexes are located around a huge golf course! No…I don’t care an ounce about the golf. But, there is so much outdoor space to work out jogging or running! The entire area is gated so I would feel pretty safe running on the grounds. 🙂


Briann and I


at Zio’s Italian Restaurant in Bricktown




at the Myriad Gardens


after our scarf shopping spree!

Check out my foto flicks page for more pictures!

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Then and NOW!

Okay…it’s been over a week since I’ve blogged and a lot has been happening! Right now, I’m in Shawnee, OK, staying with Brainn (a girlfriend from Meade) in her apartment at OK Baptist University. I’m super excited to spend this week with her…and as soon as she finishes her nursing finals tomorrow am, the fun begins!!! But first, let me backtrack a little to this past week…

Monday, I worked. It was busy and it seems that our ‘quiet’ streak has resolved and the winter madness at the hospital has begun. I even stayed late to help the night shift until about 9pm…so I think I put in about a 15-hour day! WHEW! Good thing I didn’t have to come back the next day. Maybe being busy isn’t such a bad thing. It certainly makes a 12-hour shift (or a 15-hour one!) swing by really fast.

Tuesday I was home most of the day baking holiday sugar cookies and nativity ginger-breads for Kid’s Club. There were also a few table decorations that I finished. I had an incredibly good time and I was quite proud of my nativity scenes! I think they turned out really cute!





Tuesday evening, my piano teacher and I went out to eat at Applebee’s in Dodge City and had our little Christmas. I think we probably picked the coldest and most windy evening, but despite that, we had a good time of chatter and laughter! I made a quick run to Wal-Mart before returning home…after all, no trip to Dodge City is complete without stopping by the Wal-Mart store.

Wednesday morning, I had piano lessons as usual…the last one for a couple weeks over the holidays though. I also did some grocery shopping (which included going to Wal-Mart… ;)). Then, I made the sandwiches and punch and finished the jello for that evening. And very soon, 6:30 pm arrived and it was time for the Kid’s Club Christmas Party! I had so much fun with the decorations and the kids and I think they all had a really good time as well.





For more pictures, click here…or go to my foto flicks page!

Thursday and Friday, I was back at work for another whirlwind of activity! Saturday, after sleeping in late and catching up on some zzzzz’s, I got some gift wrapping done for my secret pal and secret santa at work and for some friends. I was thrilled that a couple things I ordered had arrived so I could get them wrapped and packaged and shipped off to my far-away friends! I did some laundry and other odd’s and inn’s around the house getting ready for a week in Oklahoma. That evening, I packed and was really up too late (…til almost 1:30 am…). Sunday finally arrived as my alarm woke me up at 5:30 am. I was super excited as I rolled out of bed and got ready to hit the road. I left home about 7:45 am, drove to Meade, and then rode with Briann’s parents and brother for the 5-hour drive to OK Baptist University in Shawnee!

Well…now that you’re caught up, I can tell you about the here and now! When we arrived in Shawnee yesterday about 2:30 pm, it was so nice and warm with temperatures hitting 75 degrees! Stunningly beautiful…especially leaving Kansas with a frigid temperature of 15 degrees! But within a matter of about 3 hours, the cold front was coming to OK (it must have followed us from Kansas ;)) and the temperature dropped by about 40 degrees. That evening, we attended a Christmas Program and Dinner at a local church (Briann was playing the saxaphone in the orchestra) and a bank thermometer read 21 degrees!!! It was certainly cold enough! The Christmas program was delightful though and the music was amazing! The church was decorated so beautiful with traditional Christmas colors and poinsettas. Unfortunately, all of us forgot our cameras. 😦

After the program, Briann and I made a run to Wal-Mart to pick up a few essential items…like some Diet Mt. Dew! And we picked up some ingredients to do some cooking for supper tonight…lasagna, breadsticks, and salad. Like I said, no trip is complete without a run to the local Wal-Mart store! We watched a little tv last night and celebrated Christmas…and I helped Briann study for a while (well…tried to help her…it’s been waaaaay too long since I was in nursing school…and then, we’d get distracted and start talking about something not related to studying for the nursing test…!). But anyway, we called it a night about midnight.

This morning, we met Briann’s parents at IHOP for a late but delicious breakfast, before they hit the road again to head back home. It was YUMMMMY and will keep us plenty full until supper tonight! Briann has been studying for a couple hours…while I’ve been blogging and uploading pictures. She’s now taking her test. She also has one final tomorrow morning and then we plan to visit downtown Shawnee and the mall. Wednesday morning, we’re gonna go into OK City and spend the rest of the week there shopping, partying in Bricktown, ice skating, and maybe even a carriage ride! YAY!

It is still really cold today…in the 20’s, but by Thursday it is suppose to be back up into the 60’s. 🙂

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Loving the holiday season!

Today was a typical Sunday at our house. After church this morning, I practiced piano while Serena worked on her laptop and Dad did some Bible studying. Then we watched the KC Chiefs play the Denver Broncos. At first, the game looked promising for a KC win and at half-time, they were ahead by three whole points. But in the end, they lost 17 to 24.  😦  While I was watching the game, I made some Chex Mix and some Christmas Candy…Turtles, Peanut Clusters, and Haystacks. YUMMY! Now we should definitely have enough junk food around the house to last until after the holidays. And as a tradition, we ordered a fruit cake (Mom started that because she absolutely LOVED fruit cake!) and some chocolate truffles from Swiss Colony. It should be arriving the middle of this month.

Right now, Serena and I are watching a Christmas movie, The Christmas Blessing, while blogging, facebooking, emailing…you get the picture! Dad went into church this evening.

Yesterday, I spent the day Christmas shopping and hanging out with some friends from the Wichita area. We met at Carlos O’ Kelly’s for lunch and then hit the Town East Mall. Even though it was incredibly busy…they has some great sales for the holiday season and I had a fabulous time! I absolutely LOVE shopping this time of year! Although, I didn’t quite get all of my Christmas shopping done, I am glad to say that I have a great start. I even loved the 3-hour drive to the city in my new car…with the radio turned up and tuned into Christmas music! It was grand!

While I was in the big city shopping yesterday, Serena stayed at home and decorated the house for Christmas. I was quite impressed with the lights and such as I drove into our driveway last night. She did a beautiful job! I’m glad she didn’t leave it up to me this year…because I’m pretty sure it would have never happened! 😉

I have another busy week planned…just one more week and then I’m off to OK City for a for about 5 days with one of my girlfriends! Hip-Hip-Hooray! I literally can’t wait…I’ve heard that OKC is stunningly beautiful at Christmastime! And I’m so ready to really get into the Christmas spirit!!!

So…here is a rough run-down of my schedule for this week:

Monday – work a 12-hr shift at the hospital

Tuesday – I plan to bake Holiday Sugar Cookies and a Nativity Gingerbread for Kid’s Club. Then that evening, my piano teacher and I are going out to eat and having our little ‘Christmas’ together. (Plus, I will probably practice piano for a while and hopefully clean the house throughout the day…)

Wednesday – Piano lessons in the morning then grocery shopping. After I get home, I will be making the rest of the food (sandwiches, jello, and punch) for Kid’s Club. That evening will be our Kid’s Club Christmas Party! =D

Thursday – work all day…

Friday – work all day again…

Saturday – Practice piano, catch up with some things around the house, pack for my OK City trip, and then a friend from work and I are attending the “Journey to Bethleham” tour in Jetmore. Might be a little cold…but it should be a blast!

And then Sunday, I’m off to Oklahoma…YAY!!! Sometime this week too I must wrap some Christmas gifts for our Secret Santa gift exchange at work and for my secret pal…and a few others that I must get in the mail so that they arrive before Christmas.

Enjoy the Christmas season!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Yes it is!! It snowed (even if it was just a trace of snow…it WAS snow!) yesterday. I drove home from work in it and didn’t mind at all…it got me in the Christmas spirit as I was listening to Christmas music in my car.

Oh my word!! December is always a busy month and it seems this year is especially busy for me. I don’t think there are going to be enough days to get everything done that I need/want to!!! Some of those ‘wants’ will just have to wait I suppose! I worked at the hospital today as well but was in the Pharmacy so it wasn’t quite as long of a day. I think the storm after the calm (???) is starting to hit…the pace has picked up a bit at our little hospital.

When I’ve been at home (which seems like hardly ever recently!), I’ve been making, organizing, and getting everything together for our Kid’s Club Christmas party this next Wednesday evening. Can’t believe it is nearly here already!!! I’m getting more and more excited with each passing day. I’m actually quite proud of my simple yet cute table decorations!! I’ve posted some pictures below…and there will be more to come the night of the party! I even have a menu made out and it is as follows:

  • Sandwiches (with stars and Christmas trees on top)
  • Chips
  • Jello Ornaments
  • Holiday Sugar Cookies (with flashy toppings of course!)
  • Strawberry Pineapple Punch

I’m also making a Nativity Gingerbread…can’t wait to get started on that!!!







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