Alabama…here we come!

It is 6:26 pm and we are nearly to Nashville, TN. YUP…our long awaited road trip to Birmingham, AL to celebrate Thanksgiving with Krissa has finally arrived and I am very excited!!! Although Dad wanted to leave the house at 5:00 this morning, Serena and I convinced him that that was too early and we ended up leaving about 6:15. So far, the trip has been rather uneventful. The Thanksgiving holiday is suppose to be the most traveled holiday and this afternoon, there has been quite a bit of traffic on the interstate highway. It is dark now of course and I love traveling and watching all the lights of the big city life. OOOHHH…there’s a sign for Birmingham!!! We must be on the right tract! It’s kinda scary…since Serena is navigating right now while Dad is driving!

So what have I been doing the whole trip…? Talking on the phone, texting some friends, napping, watching some DVD’s, painting my toe nails and fingernails (that was rather challenging at times with Serena’s bumpy driving!)…and that’s just about it. If our calculations are correct, we should arrive in about another 2 ½ to 3 hours. Tomorrow the fun really begins! YAY!!!

Prior to today, I worked the past 4 out of 5 days…worked Friday, Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday. It has been really slow at the hospital but that all changed this weekend. Monday and Tuesday were especially busy; in fact, yesterday, I worked an hour later than usual because we were absolutely swamped! We had surgeries too so that certainly made it busier! I am so glad to be off now for a while and maybe things will calm down a tad by the time I get back to work. 😉 After work, Saturday evening though, I went with a friend to watch the Meade Highschool perform “The Music Man”. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD. The kids did an absolutely WONDERFUL job! I was very impressed. And even though it made for a really long day after working 12 hours…it was well worth it and I’m glad I went.

WOOHOOO…we just crossed the Mississippi border! It’s now 6:55 pm. Welp, I think I’ll call my Grandma before it gets too late…she’ll be wondering how our trip is going…


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    Serena said,

    Ummm….my driving??? You just ought to feel YOUR driving when sitting in the backseat! And by the way my navigation was CORRECT when Dad went in to ask directions! Plus we never once got lost or took a wrong turn!

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