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Today proved to be a pretty typical Wednesday. This morning, I ventured to Dodge for my piano lessons as usual and then met my Grandma for lunch at Wendy’s. Grandma hasn’t been to Dodge for a few weeks to it was fun to meet up with her again! After some grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and a quick trip into Hobby Lobby to pick up a few Thanksgiving items, I returned home early afternoon. The weather was SOOOO beautiful this afternoon, I simply couldn’t stay in the house…Lady and I went out on a 4-mile jog. It felt very invigorating! I hadn’t seen Mittens the cat around the house for a few days, so before coming back inside and ‘cleaning up’ (showering after the jog… ;), I moseyed around the barn and corral and soon found her atop the alfalfa bales. Even though I was calling her, the silly cat just stood there way up high screaming in cat language! I started to climb up the bales after her…but very soon realized that I was not made to climb alfalfa. I gave up, came back inside the house, and showered, figuring Mittens would find her own way down if she really wanted to.

This evening was Kid’s Club at the church. Our topic was…guess!? THANKSGIVING!!! Makes perfect since seeing that next week is that time already, huh? I thought so too! We had a lot of kid’s show up this evening so it was a little more wild than usual.

Since my recital is over…I’m starting to work on some Christmas music, including “The Christmas Shoes” by Newsong. I absolutely LOVE that song and I’m hoping that in a few weeks, I can play it so that it sounds authentic! It’s really not proving to be that challenging. Some of the songs that I played at the recital, I’d had in my repetior for a very long time…it sorta feels weird to not be playing them consistently anymore!

The other exciting thing happening around here is that we are redoing the ‘main’ bathroom in our house. I should say that Dad and Serena are redoing it. I’m merely supervising and giving my good advice. Indeed…today it proved very helpful and much needed! Dad has already repainted the bathroom cabinets and the walls with an off-white color. Serena has been blotching some gold paint on the walls today. And after trying out several different gold colors…we found the one that is very suitable and looks good! (That would be the good advice that I gave…!) I will try to post some pictures soon…


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    Serena said,

    Umm…supervising….my dear, the only thing you did was pick out the gold color of paint and approve or disapprove of what I painted! But I did appreciate the help with the colors…good job, Jen! 🙂

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