When I Said Goodbye

Yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of my dear Mother’s reunion with Jesus Christ Himself. I love her and miss her very much and always will. But God has continued to prove Himself so very faithful. He gives me grace for every moment and the strength I need to go on. I worked yesterday and my co-workers were such an encouragement and support to me…even admist the many tears that I shed. One of my dearest co-workers and friend even sent me a beautiful bouquet of six red roses and one white one. I was overwhelmed with her incredible care and love for me! THANK-YOU VIVIAN! Last year, I wrote a poem in memory of my Mom and I thought if fitting to post it on my blog again this year. (Be sure to have some tissues ready…)


When I Said Goodbye

When I said goodbye,

I knew this was not the end.

My mom believed that Jesus did die

For her sins to make amend.


In heaven a place

was prepared just for her;

Where she’s face to face

With her Savior for sure.


When I said goodbye,

I knew she was free of pain.

Many tears I did cry,

But for her, to die was gain.


For now she was free

To laugh and to smile;

Full of joy as could be;

Far beyond a little while.


When I said goodbye,

I knew she was walking streets of gold,

For God’s promises are not a lie

And He will do as He has foretold.


Her home no longer here,

But in a mansion up above;

As Jesus holds her near,

And gives of His great love.


When I said goodbye,

I knew I must let go;

Even though I wonder why,

God says that’s not for me to know.


Her work on earth was done.

She fought the good fight;

And the battle she won,

As she’d been given true sight.


When I said goodbye,

I knew she was living more;

For in the blink of an eye,

She passed through heaven’s door.


How much I wish to hear

Her voice just once again;

Or to watch a tiny tear,

Fall gently from her chin.


When I said goodbye,

I knew the memories I would hold;

For they will never die;

Nor will they ever grow old.


I cherish each moment;

Each hug and each kiss,

With her that I spent;

For that is what I miss.


When I said goodbye,

I knew not how hard it would be.

Some days can only bring a sigh;

But that’s when I fall down to my knee.


Sometimes I don’t feel

I can make it through another day;

My broken heart, God will heal,

But it takes time, He will say.


When I said goodbye,

I knew this was just a part

Of His perfect plan up on high;

But still was the ache in my heart.


I wanted to revise

This chapter in the book.

But knew God to be more wise,

And my best He wouldn’t overlook.


When I said goodbye,

I knew my heart could go on;

For His compassion is so very nigh;

And His mercy is never gone.


Although my dreams seem to fade,

As I live this life without her.

Each new day, He has made,

And in His loving arms, I am forever.


When I said goodbye,

I knew that I could soar.

He would give me wings to fly,

And I wouldn’t need anything more.


For through my sadness,

I’ve learned to be glad;

And to trust in nothing less,

Than the great God that I’ve had.


~Written by Jena R. Smith in loving memory of her Mom


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