Random pix and a visit to Grandma’s house

As I’m blogging this evening (and uploading some pix!), I’m also watching some Andy Griffith shows. I honestly could watch these good old shows over and over and OVER and not get tired of them! Most of today I spent at my Grandma’s house…she only lives about 20 miles from us. She always enjoys the company. We went out to eat at “Eva’s Kitchen”…the only restaurant in the quaint little town. It’s pretty much a guarantee that we’ll run into numerous people that we know while we’re there. Guess that just happens in a small community! It’s fun though. In fact, today I visited with a family that I used to babysit for very regularily about 8 or so years ago. I wouldn’t even have recognized their kids…they’ve grown up SOOO much. It was super good to see them again! After lunch, we walked around town enjoying the sunny warm weather and Grandma showed me a few of the new houses that are being built. We also walked down to the Stauth Memorial Museum and viewed the Christmas displays. Can’t believe it is getting to be that time already!

On my way back home late this afternoon, I passed Dad in the truck on his way to the Ensign elevator with a truck load of milo! Yay…he got a new tire put on his combine this morning and was able to cut all afternoon and until dark this evening. Then, he discovered his truck also has a flat tire now! What is it with flat tires all of a sudden!?

This past week, Dad finished repainting the corral fence…which is actually quite a big job. He used a spray pump and took advantage of the beautiful calm days.

Here’s a few random pictures from this week…enjoy!!



tree ready for winter…!

Dad’s ‘new’ pickup

Mittens needed some luving…!

Dad painting the corral fence

Mittens followed me out to the corral

Lady wanted to help 😉

Dad had paint EVERYWHERE, trust me! (I kept my distance and used the zoom on my camera!)

yay…the fence is white again!

Mittens still following me…


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