‘SNOW’, Serena, Breakfast, Laundry, and Skittles

This week has been rather depressing with the loss of a young member of our church and then the weather certainly didn’t help matters. Monday, Tuesday, Wedesday, and Thursday were dreary, rainy and COLD! Winter definitely made a show this week. In fact, believe it or not, we’ve already seen the first snowflakes of the season. Thursday morning there were a few frozen white flurries fluttering in the air…but of course, they didn’t last long and melted upon touching the ground. I attempted to capture the ‘snow’ on camera…but they were too scarce apparently to show up.

I came home from work Tuesday evening to discover that Serena and her friend from CO had made a rash decision to go to Houston, TX the next day! Apparently there is a quilting/sewing convention there this weekend…so Wednesday afternoon, they headed for the big city. They spent the night in somewhere, TX, before finishing their journey Thursday. Serena called today and it sounds like they are having a good time.  (I won’t mention the fact that they got lost in Houston…) Of course, I’m sure both of them are on cloud 9…surrounded with everything and anything having to do with sewing! I’m just glad they took their sewing storm to Texas…that way, I can fall asleep in quietness, instead of listening to the murmur of sewing machines! I certainly hope they really do have a good time…but a nursing convention sounds a whole lot more fun to me…!

Now that Serena’s gone for a few days…I’m finding how challenging it is to keep up with all of the things that she usually does around the house. Like setting out dad’s breakfast for the next morning…I already forgot that yesterday. OOPS…sorry dad! Thank goodness, he’s pretty good about taking care of himself in the event that I have a blonde moment! Since I’m also working today and this weekend, it is proving extra challenging. But we have quite a few leftovers in the fridge for meals for Dad and he has a menu to follow. Serena made out the menu before she left…I guess she didn’t think I could handle it!! (but I’ve modified it a bit too!) 😉

Welp…I just heard the dryer turn off, so it’s time to fold the laundry before I head to bed. Oh…and I musn’t forget Dad’s breakfast for tomorrow morning…

I do miss you Serena…AND all the ‘keeper of the home’ responsibilities that you faithfully do everyday! Skittles misses you even more. She’s been screaming at night…and chasing flies.



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