More from Let Me Be A Woman

October 13, 2008

Chapter 4:

“God has to be in charge of details if He is going to be in charge of the overall design.” Wow! The great God that I serve, the God of the whole entire universe is concerned with even the littlest, mundane, everyday things. He is interested in not only the big picture, but also, all of the little pictures that make up the big one. Not a single little thing happens by chance. The fact that I was born a woman is part of God’s perfect plan. I praise Him for being a woman, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a neice, and hopefully someday a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and an aunt.

Chapter 5: 

As a woman, I was made for something…for a man. This began way back in the garden of Eden. Eve was made from Adam and for Adam. God created woman to be a helper, a companion and a soulmate to her husband. Man is not complete without a woman, but together they are whole, complete, fulfilled, and able to carry out God’s command to multiply and fill the earth.


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