Okay…it’s not exactly flooding. It’s actually far from flooding. BUT…for southwest Kansas, getting 4 inches of rain within 4 days, is pretty much a flood! (For those of you who live here, you completely understand!)

This rain started Saturday, continued through Sunday, then took a break Monday, and returned today. 😉 It has been a really nice slow gentle rain without the winds or storms. The moisture is always much needed and should get the wheat that Dad planted off to a good growing start. I’m no so certain however, that the corn farmers are too happy with the delay in harvest.

I just washed my car last week…and the van. Hummm…seems like everytime I wash the cars, it rains. And I did have to work the weekend…but, I took Serena’s car to work Sunday and I even had a good excuse. Mine had an almost flat tire. So…my car is still shiny and clean. Serena’s is quite the different story. But she left it sitting out in the rain today and so some of the mud washed off. My clean car won’t be so clean after tomorrow anyway either…I go to Dodge in the morning and have to drive on dirt (guess I should say muddy) roads.

Here’s a few random pics of the ‘flood’ at our house…!

the car wash for Serena’s car…!


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