Let Me Be A Woman

A dear friend and I just started doing a book study together this past week via the phone. Each week we are reading a couple of chapters in Let Me Be A Woman by Elizabeth Elliot and jotting down some notes. Then we share with each other the thoughts, insights, and convictions that God is bringing to our attention. Even though we’ve only had one ‘session’, I have been incredibly encouraged by it and am so excited about the study that I want to pass along some of my notes from the first three chapters.

October 8, 2008
Chapter 1:

“We are not for one moment of our lives at the mercy of chance.” WOW! That’s incredible! God is in control 100% of everything 100% of the time. Nothing ever happens that He does not know or that takes Him by surprise. And not only is He in control but He works ALL things together for good to those who love Him. So…why wouldn’t I want to trust a God who knows all, is in perfect control of all, and works all together for my good?!

Chapter 2:

“Is being a woman fundamentally different from being a man?” YES! God has created man and woman with different roles to fulfill. If women were to act as men or vice versa, would He not of just created everyone male…or female? Men and women are equally neccessary and important in a relationship and family but have different parts to play for there to be harmony in the home. The man is to be the Spiritual leader of the family and is to love His wife as God loves His bride, the Church. The woman is to submit to her husband as is pleasing to the Lord.

“What is marriage?” Marriage is two people and two lives becoming one. Marriage requires that each one love the other more than himself/herself, loving unconditionally as Christ Himself loves us. Marriage requires giving 100% of yourself to the other. Marriage requires selflessness and forgiveness. Marriage is the beautiful union created and ordained by God of a husband and wife, who as single wholeheartedly served the Lord, and now together, can serve Him even more.

Chapter 3:

Worship is an act and it takes discipline.” Oh my goodness…that statement is like a thorn in my flesh. Discipline…that’s a word that I don’t like to hear, a word that I wish sometimes didn’t even exist. How easy it is to worship and adore my Savior WHEN I feel like it. But what about those days, those times, those moments when I don’t feel like it? That’s much more of a challenge! It is so tempting to justify why I don’t have time to spend with the Lord today or why I’m not ‘in the mood.’ Maybe my excuse is because I slept in or I have too much to do today or I’m too tired and it’s late and I have to work tomorrow…my excuses never run dry. It is merely a matter of…DISCIPLINE – doing what I don’t always feel like doing even when I don’t feel like doing it. 🙂  And…I’m always glad I did!



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