jogging, mouse trail, piano, and tomorrow

Yea, I know, I haven’t blogged for a while! Where does the time go…?! Pretty soon, I’m going to be 50 years old…and still wondering where the time goes! 😉 Right now, I’m watching the Presidential debate along wih Dad (actually I’m not paying much attention to it…I’m in my own blogging world…it’s just background noise). I was home today and very much enjoyed the beautiful fall weather. I also enjoyed sleeping in this morning…with work and babysitting for three nights last week, I hadn’t slept past 6:00 am for over a week! I went on a 6-mile jog this afternoon…the warm sunshine mixed with the cool north breeze, the soft inspiring music on my ipod, the sweat dripping off of my forehead, the feeling of reaching the point of utter exhaustion, even the smell of the fresh air (I won’t mention the dreadful smell of the feedlot…*uge*)…all of it was pure bliss. A state of euphoria I was in for sure.

As I’m sitting here in the living room…occasionally I’m hearing a “banging” or “knocking” noise from upstairs. No, we don’t have an upstairs…except the attic. Hang in here…there is a story to this. Recently, our cat, Skittles, has been sitting, sleeping, or whatever by the fireplace in the house. She hangs out around there a lot and we’ve begun to wonder why. Serena and I keep thinking that there is a mouse in the fireplace or somewhere. (Dad’s not convinced…) Anyway, the other evening while we were doing family devotions, Serena and I both heard faint squeaking noises coming from the fireplace. It sounded like a mouse! And Skittles was wound up about it too! Of course, Dad couldn’t hear it. But today, he went up in the attic and although he didn’t find any mouse, dead OR alive, he planted some bait for the little critters! And so, we are assuming that the random “banging” and “knocking” is the furry creatures playing with the bait. I hope it is anyway…

Okay…after that little mouse trail…

This afternoon, I sat outside for a while soaking in the bright sunshine and meditating on some Scripture and praying. (Lady was sitting with me…but I’m not sure how much meditating or praying she really did…lol!) I was renewed and encouraged! The Lord is always faithful to do that when it seems I need it most. I have been kinda discouraged this past weekend and I’m not really sure why…perhaps it is because I didn’t spend as much time with HIM as I know I should have. 😦 Maybe the cloudy rainy weather had something to do with it too. Although, I’m very VERY thankful for the inch of rain that we received. It is in good timing for the wheat that Dad recently planted. Need I be reminded…God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect!

I’m tentatively planning on putting on a piano recital at our church probably the afternoon of Sunday, November 16th. My piano teacher thinks it would be a very good idea to perform for others, since I don’t really have the opportunity to do much of that. I have about 9 or 10 songs that I’ve spent quite a bit of time perfecting and that are good performance pieces…and I still have about 6 more weeks to put the finishing touches on them. Three of the songs I have memorized also. Included in the wide variety of the song pieces are Misty, Here I Am to Worship, Hungarian, and one of my very favorites, Fantasie. I must say, I’m not much for performing for others and most of the time I’d rather not. I like playing just for my own enjoyment and doing it to praise the Lord. But a little part of me is getting excited about the recital.

Speaking of piano, my teacher is celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary this week so she and her husband are gone in Colorado. That means I don’t have piano lessons tomorrow as I usually do, and since Serena is already going to Dodge for an appointment, I think I’ll just stay home and hopefully enjoy another beautiful day outdoors! Suppose to be quite chilly tonight though (in the 40’s!!!!) but I believe by tomorrow afternoon, it should be lovely again.

Here’s what I hope to accomplish tomorrow:

* Clean the house (wash the kitchen floor, empty the trash, clean the bathrooms)

* Practice piano for a couple of hours

* Make some homemade granola (yup…we’re out and Dad enjoys eating it for breakfast)

* Find some new and fun ideas for Kid’s Club (it seems to be kinda blah this semester…)

* Wash my car (yea…with the rain comes a muddy car!)

* ‘Attend’ a phone date with Mary (we’ve got some catching up to do on ‘what’s-been-happening-in-your-life’ and spend some time in prayer together)

* Kid’s Club in the evening


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