Bakin’ Cookies!

I just got back from a 4-mile walk. It was a splendid evening and not really too windy. Lady went with me of course and I think she managed to find all of the sticker patches along the ditch. Every little bit, it seemed like, my walk was interrupted by Lady hobbling on three legs and I’d have to stop to take out a sticker for her. Oh, but I love her anyway!

Have you ever felt in the mood to bake cookies? Well, I sure felt “in the mood” this afternoon…so that is just what I did! The house was smelling pretty wonderful by about 4:00…it even brought Dad in from outside and Serena up from downstairs! 😉 lol! I baked quite a large batch of Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. Some I’m taking to work tomorrow (everybody loves it when someone brings treats to work!) and the rest are for us to enjoy! Only one panful turned out a little bit overdone (not burnt, just a tad crispy!) because I was multi-tasking and kinda forgot about them…and forgot to set the timer! OOPS!

in the oven…

fresh from the oven…

ready to indulge…!

Is your mouth watering yet…?!


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