“…another day in paradise.”

Yes…there’s actually a work story behind the title of this post. (I’m not quite that random!) 😉 Last Friday, as I was working at the hospital, I admitted a sweet little 96 year old lady. While I visited with her and performed my ‘nursing tasks,’ I discovered that she like to talk…a lot. Quite frankly, I really didn’t mind…she was very pleasant and content and smiled most of the time. However, I soon realized that we were not on the same planet. Certainly, she was in a world all her own but apparently it was a happy one. I wish I could have jumped into her world and “played with the kids” too! =D RIght before I left her room, I asked her where she was…and she replied with a huge grin, “oh honey, it’s just another day in paradise.” I truly hope that when I’m 96, I’m in a place that I would call paradise too!

I haven’t posted for a while so let me catch you up to speed on the lastest. Work has actually been busy again. Last week and this week so far have been a whirlwind of activity! Thankfully I had off the weekend but was back at it yesterday…and today. I was suppose to be off today but we were a tad bit short staffed and so I went in to help out for a while planning to leave about noon or 1pm…but didn’t get away until 4pm. It was crazy busy! Now I have two days off and then work on Friday and the weekend.

Sunday evening was my cousin’s little boy’s 4th birthday party in the park! Yay! So my Grandma and I went to that for a couple of hours and we had a blast. The chocolate cake was declicious and we had a lot of fun playing some games. Even though it was fairly windy, the temperature was perfect and so the wind didn’t hinder any of the fun. Oh…to be 4 years old again… 😉


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