A day I wish would never end…

AHHHH!  Today is SOOO beautiful outside! I’ve been sitting outside soaking in the warm sunshine and the peacefulness of the countryside. Peacefulness and quietness except for the occasional rustle of the trees with a brief breeze of wind, the faint sound of a bird chirping or a bee buzzing, or the distant clanging of metal or pounding of a hammer (yea…Dad is working in the shed). Lady is sitting right here beside me (helping me blog I guess…) and Mittens is a few feet off (keeping her distance from the dog), both of them also basking in the sun. I absolutely love this weather…and I’m so excited to see the sun back out after all those rainy dreary days! I guess there is a time and season for everything though as it says in Ecclesiastes…even a time for rain and a time for the sun to shine. Right now, I’m just really glad that it’s time to be sunny!

Okay…so since it has been so nice outside today, I washed not only my car this afternoon, but Serena’s also! I don’t think she knows it yet though! 😉 My wonderful sister does such an incredible job at taking care of things in the house like cooking and laundry and she doesn’t care to be outside much…so I figured the least I could do is wash her muddy car for her. And I know she will be grateful once she discovers it! I can’t see how she can stay secluded in the house when the weather is beyond gorgeous outdoors…but I suppose if I loved to sew and had bad allergies, I’d stay inside too. About an hour ago, I got back from a bike ride to Ensign…I had a package I needed to mail at the post office and decided it was too nice to drve. So…I grabbed my ipod and my backpack filled with the package, my water bottle and cell phone, and out the door I was for the 5-mile ride! As usual, I passed a few trucks and one or two other random vehicles and nothing exciting was happening in Ensign.

Dad took his seed wheat to Dodge in the truck after lunch to be cleaned so hopefully he can plant it soon. He was quite impressed that I washed both cars this afternoon…AND washed the mud off of his cement right outside the shed…AND swept the dried mud out of the garage! I like to impress my Dad! I could have probably done even better if I would have washed the van too…but I thought I’d played in the mud enough for one day! 😉

I usually never mind and actually look forward to going to work at the hospital…except on days such as today. When the weather is so beautiful, I like to be home and outside! I’m super glad that I have off the next couple of days and don’t return to work until Thursday and Friday…so I can thoroughly enjoy the wide open spaces! I did work yesterday and it was a pretty good day. Not too busy but the day did grow kinda long in the afternoon. I had some good chats with some co-workers and I consider that profitable.

As I think I mentioned on my last blog post, I spent Thursday and Friday nights last week with our neighbor girls. Rachel is 10 years old and in 5th grade and Sarah is 15 and a freshman this year.  Both evenings, Rachel and I went out on the 4-wheeler to check the cattle and even though it was drizzling rain and a bit chilly, it was fun to ride around in the bumpy pasture. We also had to feed the dozens of farm cats, two huge slobbering outside dogs, 40-something squawking chickens, three little baby kittens, two indoor and quite annoying toy poodles (Shadow and Odet) …and of course, the fish! Yea…they have a pet farm pretty much. They also have some horses and llamas. After taking care of all the animals and eating some supper, I helped Rachel with her homework and we watched a little bit of tv…and then it was 9 pm already and bedtime for the girls (well…Rachel anyway). Sarah went down to her room but I’m pretty positive she stayed up talking on her cell phone and watching tv before drifting off to sleep. Once Rachel was sound asleep, I worked on my laptop for a while and talked with my sister in Alabama before retiring for bed about 11 pm. And although I got into bed at that time, when I was up at 4 am Friday morning, I felt like I hadn’t slept hardly at all. The two outside dogs wouldn’t stop barking for anything, even after I yelled at them several times. Plus I had to share the bed with Rachel…and a few other furry animals! I’m not exactly sure if it was the barking…or one of the poodles licking my face…or one of the cats nudging me…or a combination of all three that woke me up at 4 am, but I was awake and just decided to go ahead and get up. After working out for a while, showering, getting ready for work, and spending a few minutes in my quiet time with the Lord, it was time to wake up the girls at 6:30 am. And by 7:30, we were all out the door…Sarah drives herself to the Dodge City High School and I dropped Rachel off at school in Cimarron, then headed to Meade for a day working in the Pharmacy at the hospital. Friday evening was much the same with Rachel (Sarah stayed in Dodge Friday night with a friend) except we went to bed later since we could sleep in Saturday morning. I did sleep better Friday night but was still up at 6:30 that morning…this time I can blame it on the cat – she WOULD NOT leave me alone, even after throwing her off the bed a dozen times! So…I gave up and got up. I was actually glad I got up too because it proved to be a lovely cool quiet morning. I went out for a jog while Rachel was still sleeping and I could have run for miles on end because it was so pretty outside.  Watching the sun come up was breathtaking! I didn’t want to go back inside…but eventually I had too. 😦 Rachel was up by 9 am and after showering and doing our chores for the morning, we went into Dodge about 10:30 and I dropped Rachel off at a friends house. She was staying the night with her friend until her parents returned home on Sunday. Wow…that turned into quite a book of “My adventures with Rachel and the animal farm!” Hope you enjoyed all the details!

Saturday proved to be very nice outside also…and I think that’s what gave me the itch for the bright sunny weather again! I did a minor degree of shopping in Dodge before coming back home about 1pm. Walking into the house smelled wonderful because….Serena was baking cookies for her Sunday School class! The aroma of fresh baked cookies or bread or anything like that is certainly delightful! I should have taste-tested them for her! 😉 A friend came over for the afternoon and so we walked around the farm and down the road a ways and just spent some time visiting. That evening, Dad, Serena, and I met a young couple from our church for supper at Pizza Hut in Dodge. We had a really really good visit with them and found out that we are very much like-minded. I think we were all very encouraged with the evening together.

Although much of our garden is taken over by weeds now, we are still getting some cantaloupe and watermelon. Just today, Dad brought in a HUGE (probably at least 40 lbs!!!) watermelon. The fresh fruit has been delicious…and healthy!

the HUGE watermelon!


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    Serena said,

    thanks for the car wash jen….you know how much i appreciate it! 🙂

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