Kid’s Club, Work, Weather

Tonight was the kick off for the start of Kid’s Club for the semester! Serena and I along with the Pastor’s wife enjoy teaching and mentoring the 4th-8th graders. Although we’ve decided to discuss the fruit of the Spirit this semester, tonight we actually did a review from the Spring covering the Armor of God and Creation. Seven kids showed up tonight including a few new ones…and hopefully this is just the beginning. We’ve encouraged the kids to invite friends and we may do some recruiting ourselves! In addition to the review, we played some games…and I even got roped into playing a sort of beach ball volleyball with the kids! It was fun.

The pace at work has picked up some. We actually have had more than just one or two patients the last week! YAY…not that I really wish people to be sick but it is job security! 😉 And it makes the 12 hour shift go by a whole lot faster. I worked Monday and Tuesday this week and work again on Friday. And…I have a babysitting job with the neighbor girls tomorrow night and Friday night. The girls are about 8 and 14 I think now…so they are pretty self-sufficient. It’s more their toy poodles, Odet and Shadow, and the kitties that require attention!

It has been so unusually cool the past few weeks! Monday was downright cold! But I am very thankful for the cool weather and all the rain and moisture; although, I must admit, I’m ready for the dreary hazy days to disappear and for the SUN TO SHINE! Today, the sun did come out finally this afternoon and it got up into the 80’s.  Tomorrow’s suppose to be rainy again though… ::sigh:: (good running weather…!)


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