Wanted: Male Suitor

Classified Ad: WANTED single Chrisitan male suitor, mid to upper 20’s, sense of humor, college education preferred, loves the outdoors, dislikes snakes, growing relationship with the Lord, desires to be the Godly leader of his family, seeks partner for life.


If only the answer to such a deep desire was as simple as placing an ad in the local newspaper….   


»   »   »   »


»   »   »


»   »






*yes, I’m ummm answering your ad in the paper…*

{ackward silence}

*ok…uh, do you meet all of the qualifications listed?*


{ackward silence again}

*well then, when would you like to meet my dad?*



Ok…so I hope that this would never ever really happen! But I, like so many of you young ladies out there, desire to meet my soul-mate, to fall in love with the one that God has choosen for me, and to live happily ever after. Sometimes though, the years of singlehood keep growing and I begin to wonder if and when it will ever happen. Do you too feel like singleness will go on f-o-r-e-v-e-r? Do you find yourself pondering IF such a Godly man exists today? And IF he does, how in the world will you ever meet him?

After a while, it becomes overwhelming and discouraging. I meet a young man…and think “just maybe this is him….”  But the more that I desperately try to get involved and make it work…it doesn’t. God throws him completely out of my love life picture. Recently, God has been sweetly showing me again (yes, for not the first, second, or third time, but probably the hundredth) that I need to stay out of it! He knows where the answer to that ad is and He knows where I am. He knows the exact moment we will meet. He not only knows the future but He holds it in His hands. He wants me to completely surrender my desire for a husband to Him and allow Him to write every word, every paragraph, and every page of my love story. Who better to be the author of romance than my heavenly Father?

So…while God is writing the love story of _________ and Jena _______, what am I suppose to do? Sit back, do nothing, and just wait to get married? Absolutely not! God has given me the gift of singlehood now so I can practice what it means to give. Real giving is seeking out the needs of others and helping to fulfill those needs. As human beings, we are selfish and we are creatures of want. We do what pleases us or what benefits us. But a marriage relationship cannot thrive unless both the husband and wife give 100% of themselves to the other. So God really does know what He is doing…He is preparing me to be a wife and mother someday. He’s just giving me a whole lot of practice time!


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    Serena said,

    That’s just too funny!!! I love the “click”!!! 🙂

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