Glad these last two last days of work are history! The hospital has been very quiet the last couple of weeks and the 12 hour shifts seem like eternity! I guess the Drs. just aren’t in the admitting-patients mood. Although even when the census is down, none of the nursing staff is required to not work or sent home, sometimes one of us RN’s will leave early or split a shift. Afterall, there is no need for three RN’s to take care of ONE patient! (…usually anyway!) Today, I came home about 3:30 pm. And then I went for a loooong bike ride in the warm sunshine. There wasn’t much wind at all so it was very nice.

Tomorrow, Serena and I are looking forward to going to the Casting Crowns Concert with some friends from our church!!! It is not very often that Christian bands come our way…so we jump at the chance to go. They have some really great songs like Voice of Truth, Praise You in This Storm, and East to West. But by far, I think my all time favorite is Who Am I. Here’s a youtube video that is just pretty amazing…listen to the words of the song…so so true!

Who Am I by Casting Crowns



I hear something…ah, IT’S RAINING!!! Thank you Lord for the rain! And thank you for who I am in You!


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    Serena said,

    You shouldn’t have gotten me started on this song….I keep listening to it over and over this morning!

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