Praise the Lord!

I awoke to the sound of rain this morning (about 8:00 am…yea, I was going to get up earlier but…the doze on my alarm was too tempting!) and it was indeed music to my ears! After working out downstairs, I sat outside on the porch for a short while with Lady, enjoying the sound of the rain pattering on the ground. Lady dislikes storms or rain and tries to get me to let her come in the house by whimpering at the door. And, yes, I caved in for a short while and let her sit right inside the house on the rug…but just for a few minutes and then she had to go back outside on the porch. And although the rain has ceased for now, it is still hazy outside and the scent of rain is still hanging in the air. Dad reports that we got almost 3/4 of an inch of rain. Praise the Lord indeed!

With the rain, I’m glad I can just stay at home today. Serena was mentioning that she wished she could do the same. But she has to teach some quilting classes in Dodge this afternoon and evening…so she will be leaving shortly. Today would actually be a really good day to do some cooking and baking…we’ll see what I can come up with. ūüėČ I also need to practice piano sometime today, call a friend who is moving from Texas to Oregon (yea…looooong road trip!), and check into some ideas for Kid’s Club this fall. Dad was planning to get out and spray the fields this morning before the wind picked up…but I think his plans changed a little due to the rain! He’s not complaining though. I imagine he’ll be in the house most of the day. Right now, he’s sitting on the couch doing some Bible studying.

I was reading Psalm 112 & 113 this morning during my time with the Lord. I am to praise the Lord “…from the rising of the sun to it’s going down…”¬†Why? Because He is worthy of my praise and adoration. Because there is NO ONE like the Lord¬†my God.¬†Because He¬†gave¬†me the gift of eternal life. ¬†Because He created the beauty of the heavens and the earth. Because He is omniscient, omnipresent, unchanging, and all-powerful! Because He gives me joy in the morning. Because He encourages and comforts me. Because He commands that I obey Him…for it is only then that I will be truly happy. Because He disciplines and corrects me when I am wrong. Because He NEVER stops loving me. Praise the Lord!!!


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