A day in my life…

Praise the Lord! We have gotten some significant rain the past couple of weeks…and the weather has been very nice and cool. That has been a welcome change, especially for August which is usually unbearably hot, dry, and windy. Although with the rain comes mud on my car, meaning I have to wash it much more often…but I’m not gonna complain. I’d still rather have the rain.

Here’s a run down of my busy day today:

4:30 am – push doze on my cell phone alarm several times…

5:00 am – finally rise and shine to the wonderful song “Good Morning Beautiful” on my cell phone alarm

5:15 am – work out lifting weights and using the elliptical (while on the elliptical, I finished reading a book by Mark A. Tabb, Song of the Shepherd.)

6:30 am – cool down time, feed Lady and Skittles, walk around outside in the fresh calm morning air and give Lady some attention, hop on my laptop to check my email and facebook, eat breakfast (and…take my vitamins!)

7:00 am – shower and get ready for the day (you know…put my make-up on and do my hair)

8:00 am – spend some time in the Word of God and prayer

8:20 am – practice piano

9:30 am – chat with Dad for a few minutes then leave for Dodge, after dropping some letters off in the mailbox

10:00 am – dentist appointment for a routine cleaning (no cavities…YEA!!!)

11:00 am – piano lessons with my wonderful teacher, Kay Lynn

12:00 pm – piano lessons are over but Kay Lynn and I chatted a while…

12:20 pm – shopping in Maurices at the mall (found some shorts and a cute top that were on sale plus I had a $5 off coupon…WHAT A STEAL!!!)

1:00 pm – car appointment at Lopp Motors for a routine oil change…that was actually looooong overdue…and while I was waiting on my car, I was texting all of my friends on my cell!

2:10 pm – talked to one of our neighbors, who wants me to babysit her two adorable little boys Friday evening…YEA!!! 😀

2:15 pm – to Hobby Lobby to pick up a couple of ‘Happy Anniversary’ cards

2:45 pm – stopped by the Chevy dealership and spent all my money!! j/k…well, not quite yet anyway. My 2009 Chevy Cobalt is going to be ordered and should arrive in about 6 weeks. I’m SUPER excited…but I wish it were going to be here sooner. 😦

3:20 pm – listen to country music on the radio as I drive home 😉

3:40 pm – change into some scrubbier (is that a word?) clothes and visit with Serena a short while

4:00 pm – gas up my car and wash it so that it actually looks blue again, and not brown

5:10 pm – visit with a friend from Meade on the phone

5:30 pm – eat supper and watch the news

6:10 pm – take Dad’s ‘new’ pickup for a test drive! Serena even tagged along. Dad just bought a 1998 Ford to use on the farm…it is quite an improvement from his 1985 Dodge. Lady even approves of it! 😉

6:30 pm – Serena and I started talking about Skittles and her kitten…and somehow that led to guys…and camp…and I don’t really remember what else!?!

7:15 pm – rode my bike down the road about 5 miles…it was nice and calm and cool

8:00 pm – shower again…after sweating from the bike ride

8:45 pm – family devotions and discussions

9:30 pm – writing on this blog of mine while watching a movie, “Somewhere Tomorrow

…to come, 11:00 pm – ::go to bed::  🙂


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    Serena said,

    yep, I remember that day…good conversations, although I don’t remember all what we talked about 🙂

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