Colorado, road trips, kittens, and pix!

Oh my goodness! It has indeed been almost a week since I’ve been back from my trip to Colorado. Hannah, Katrina, and I once again made some fun memories and shared lots of giggles and random moments! Late night chats, movie and popcorn nights, looooong walks through Old Town, ice cream and coffee shops, and Estes Park adventures including the magic gumball machine, t-shirts, and some special cards for that ‘special someone’ (Katrina…Hannah…only you know!!) were just a few of the great times. And how could I forget the Ladybug puppet with 6 fingers, the “JOYRIDE” limo, the episodes of trying on hats (from cowgirls to city slickers…!), the candy shop, the bear poop and moose droppings, and the green love bug! 😉

Although the drive to colorful Colorado could have been much more eventful and fun had I a passenger, I enjoyed the use of my cell phone much of the way along with tuning into some country music. 😉 I’m beginning to love loooong road trips (yes, I know, CO isn’t all that long…only 7 hours) but I’d much rather hop in the car and hit the road then catch a plane. Speaking of road trips, I’m thinking…hoping…that maybe Dad and Serena and I will take a little journey out to Birmingham, AL sometime this fall. That is of course where my little sister is living and I think it would be so much fun…even the 19 hour drive! Living on a farm and being the daughter of a farmer, traveling and family vacations are not always very feasible nor do they seem to happen very often. But if we can work around the cattle and wheat planting, then it looks like Alabama might just be a real possibility. YAY!!

After getting back from Colorado last Wednesday evening, I jumped right into 4 days of work…Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was actually very good to get back…I realize how much I miss my co-workers when I’m gone. They are SOOOO much fun! And believe it or not, they told me a whole bunch of lies of how much they have missed me during the month of July while I was gone at camp and Colorado! he he! I have been gone a great deal and so I’m ready to just stay at home and work for a little while anyway. Thursday and Friday proved to be quite busy, but the weekend brought a little bit of relief and during a few of the down times, I enjoyed visiting with some of my patients and their families…some of whom I’ve gotten to know quite well over the past few years. 😉 That’s what I love about a small-town hospital!

Oh, and I should mention that Skittles had her kittens July 23rd. I’m certainly glad that she waited until we were back from camp. She had 5 kittens but we lost all of them within the first week except the little black one. He seems to still be doing well and growing rapidly despite the fact that Skittles lacks some major mothering skills! Here’s a few pics of the darling balls of fur…

…and of course pictures from Colorado…!

Colorado and friends

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