I’m so excited this evening! Tomorrow is the day I look forward to all year…the start of two weeks of Camp Good News. You know, each year just after camp is over, it is sad because it seems like forever before camp will be here again. But it being that time again already and looking back over the last year, it has gone by incredibly fast and I can’t believe it’s here already!! I feel sorta ‘old’ to still be going to camp but I honestly don’t think that I’ll ever outgrow it! I think I’ve been on staff now for about 10 years and prior to that I went as a camper since I was in the 4th grade. The first week this year, I will be the camp nurse and the second week I will be a counselor to the 2nd and 3rd grade girls. Awww, we have some many fun memories of the years at camp, I can’t really imagine not going. But I suppose there will come a day…

So today, what did I do? Need that question really be asked…? I PACKED of course! But despite what you all think, that is not what I did the entire day. I also cleaned the house, gave Lady a bath (she didn’t like me much the rest of the day…but she smells and feels a whole lot better!), made a jello salad and cole slaw for Dad for this week, and made a to-do list for Dad while the keepers of the home are gone. 😉 He’s pretty self-sufficient but we just made sure to stock the fridge and freezer and made out a menu for him while we’re away. And…I had to give him a few lessons on taking care of the cats and Lady.

So…due to camp, by blogging will be very limited the next couple of weeks but I hope to fill you in on everything with lots of pictures included when I get back!


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