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Early Celebrations

Although the 4th of July and my dad’s birthday isn’t until Friday, we celebrated today because Krissa is moving to Alabama tomorrow. As a tradition, we made homemade ice cream and Dad’s favorite cake, German Chocolate! YUMMY! The past few days, there’s been an extra girl in our house…CLAIRE (one of Krissa’s college friends from Georgia)! She’s gotten a small taste of life in the country, the wild wild west, the flat plains of Kansas, and a large taste of our family! It has been so much fun having here out here! She’s driving to AL with Krissa tomorrow. I’m gonna miss them both! 😦

not near enough candles…but we wanted to make him feel good!

make a wish…

…and blow them out!

cute and swwet Claire!

the birthday boy

yea…we said all those wonderful things like…”you’re the best dad in the whole world!” (but in his case, it really is the truth!)

don’t ask…!


yup…this would be me…!


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