I’m a little sad now that harvest is all over! 😦 I rode my bike for a while down the country roads this afternoon and there were still a lot of combines out in the wheat fields…and I passed quite a few trucks hauling to the elevator. It kinda made me sad. Guess I can just look forward to next year!

This morning, I did laundry (which Serena usually does but she was still in Colorado…so I figured I should be a helpful sister and do it for her!) She returned home about 3:30 this afternoon and seemed to have a really good time with her friend. They both LOVE to sew…so having a good time for them is going to a fabric store. I also cleaned the house this morning and part of the afternoon. I spent some time just chatting with my sisters this afternoon too about camp, dad’s upcoming birthday, work, Krissa’s new job at Southern Progress Corporation in AL, and a few other things. This evening, we took my Grandma out to eat and spent some time over at her house. Krissa will be leaving on Wednesday already…so this was kinda a last farewell.

I suppose I should quite blogging, turn off my country music, put my computer to sleep, and GO TO BED…since I must work tomorrow and Sunday and Monday. Goodnight!


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