Harvest, moving, camp, and rain

Dad was able to start cutting wheat this afternoon! YAY!!! He actually thought that it would be too wet but decided to go ahead and test it and it wasn’t! So…Krissa and I got to get out in the field once again and help drive truck. Although…so far, this years truck driving experience hasn’t been nearly as exciting as last years. 😉 I’m not quite sure if Dad trusts us more this year or not…? He did want our help though…so he must have some faith in us! I like to drive the truck. I think it’s fun and I don’t even mind getting dusty, dirty, hot, and sweaty!

Serena taught her sewing class today so she was gone most of the day. And besides driving truck, Krissa and I watched some old-time shows together. Oh, and I baked some yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies so that we have some goodies to stick in Dad’s meals to-go while he’s harvesting. Krissa also made some lemonade because he’s not much of a pop-drinker but likes the cold lemonade while out in the field. Yea, I know, he’s spoiled, but isn’t that what daughters are suppose to do for their father…?!?!

The next few weeks at our house are going to be busy, fun, sad, and exciting all at the same time! Serena is going to Colorado tomorrow to visit a friend in the Colorado Springs area and she’ll be gone until Thursday or Friday. Then Krissa will be moving to Birmingham Alabama on July 2nd…I can’t believe she’s leaving so soon! I’m gonna miss her bunches but maybe, just maybe…I’ll visit her this fall sometime and see what it’s like to live in the ritzy east working as a journalist for the prestigious Southern Living Corporation! Sounds like that would be quite the contrast from truck driving! I believe one of Krissa’s good friends from college is going to stay with us this weekend and then drive down to Alabama with Krissa and help her get settled into her new apartment. Then it’s camp time again in July…the 2nd and 3rd weeks, Serena and I will be serving on staff at Camp Good News in Hutchinson! YAY!!! It will be sad not having Krissa or Mary at camp this year…but we’ll just have to share a whole lot of pictures afterwards! As the past few years, I will be the camp nurse the first week and a counselor the second week. I was looking back at some pictures from previous years at camp…awww, such good memories! =D

Oh…and right now as I’m blogging, it is raining outside and thundering and lightening. The whole works. I’m extremely thankful for the rain but that probably means that Dad won’t be able to cut wheat tomorrow. 😦


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