My younger sister, Krissa, turned 21 today! Happy Birthday kiddo! Yea, I can’t believe that the little sister, whom Serena and I used to tease, whom we used to lock out of the bathroom, whom we used to hide from, whom we used to blame everything on, whom we used to bride into doing things for us, is certainly not very little anymore. She has grown into quite a young lady and become one of my very best friends! God has given me two incredibly great and wonderful sweet and fun-loving sisters and I’m pretty sure I would be completely lost without them! =)

Krissa...beautiful, fun, social, stylish

Krissa…beautiful, fun, stylish, social (just to name a few!)

It has actually been very good to get back to work this week after being off for a while during my time in CO. Although a vacation is always nice, I love seeing all my dear co-workers again and some of the many dear patients that have become like second family to me. You know, this May was my 4-year anniversary of working at Meade Hospital and that also means that I’ve been an RN for 4 YEARS!!! WOW…I find that hard to believe myself. I remember studying those huge nursing books while falling asleep 😉 and listening to nursing lectures all day…and thinking, “I can’t wait to be done. It feels like nursing school is NEVER going to end.” Yet, here I am! Anyway, a part of me really wants to work in a larger hospital, particularily one with a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)…yet, it would be extremely hard to leave the Meade family I’ve grown to know and love so much. Ever since I’ve graduated from nursing school though, I’ve aspired to work in a NICU…and recently I’ve been contemplating it much more…trying to figure out the if’s, when’s, where’s, how’s…and so on…. I figure that now, while I’m still young and ‘unattached’ is the time to perhaps pursue such goals, if that would be God’s will. Certainly moving would be a drastic change for me considering that I’ve lived at home my whole life. And so…I’ll continue thinking, praying, seeking the Lord’s will, and looking for opportunities and doors that God may open or close. I’ve mentioned it to Dad already…and he just didn’t say much! 😉

I have some good news, which I could have actually broadcasted a while back but every time I posted, it seemed to slip my mind. =/ SKITTLES, the cat that we’ve been *trying* to breed since like February, is FINALLY PREGNANT!!! YEAH!!!!!! Unfortunately we were unable to breed her with another Siamese and had to settle for a white male cat (uh, our other attempts with male Siamese cats weren’t exactly working…). But I’m hoping that some of the kittens will still have the Siamese markings. She should have her kittens around the middle or end of July…and hopefully she’ll wait until we get back from camp. I would hate for Dad to have to deal with the kitten-deliveries all by himself. 😉 That could prove interesting to say the least.

Since yesterday was my sister’s birthday, the three of us (and Dad part of the time) had a movie and cake and ice cream night. Dad stayed up for the cake and ice cream but not for the movie…lol! So typical! 😉 Anyway, the dessert was delicious and the movie, Though None Go With Me by Jerry B. Jenkins, was really really good too! It was such a sweet, but also incredibly sad, love story. This was definitely one of those movies that is so sweet, it makes you cry. We loved it! I would highly recommend it to all of my girlfriends out there! Katrina…next time I see you (oh, yea, that won’t be too far off…end of July, right!?!?), we’re watching it together! You’ll LOVE it and I can’t wait!!!!! *BIG GRINZ*



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  1. 1

    Serena said,

    Oh, and don’t forget leaving that little sis of ours outside in the tack house by herself….remember that?!?!

    Actually since December…but I am so glad Skittles is finally pregnant!!! Hopefully, just hopefully she will wait until after we get home from camp!!! 🙂

  2. 2

    Jena said,

    oh YES YES YES! How could I forget…! That was fun…well, for you and I anyway. I’m not sure Kris was too keen on it though… 😉

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