Tomorrow is the day…the day I leave for a week of the Colorado mountains. YEA!!! My friend, Katrina, is participating in the Set-Apart Life 8-month Discipleship Community under the teachings of Eric Ludy. Last Spring, Katrina and I both ventured out on a road trip to Estes Park, Colorado to attend the Set-Apart Life Conferences by Eric Ludy and the Authentic Girl weekend by his wife, Leslie Ludy. The road trip itself was quite an adventure as neither Katrina nor I have an incredibly good sense of direction, but after getting lost oodles of times, turning around, backtracking, running into a dead end once or twice, and driving down a hiking trail (*blush blush*), we did finally reach our destination. I honestly think that we were laughing so hard at ourselves some of the time that we didn’t really care where we ended up! That 7 hours in the car holds a great deal of fun memories! The conferences were just as exciting…it was absolutely amazing to be surrounded by SO many young guys and girls from all over the US (and a few even from overseas!) with a desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. I learned a great deal about guy/girl relationships and what it really truly means to be ‘set-apart,’ to be emptied and spilled out, to be wholly surrendered to the Master. Eric and Leslie Ludy themselves are incredible speakers (and best-selling authors of numerous book including Authentic Beauty, When God Writes Your Love Story, and Meet. Mr. Smith) and their consuming passion for the abundant life of Jesus Christ is highly contagious! I became acquainted with them through their books, which I have read over and over and over, but it was even better to actually see and hear them face to face! So…now I’m looking forward to another great adventure in the Colorado Rockies and being challenged in my own relationship with my Savior. Although this time, I expect the drive will be a little less eventful as I will be by my lonesome. 😦 And so…my friends and family, look out…I may be calling you on the road tomorrow! (I have to do something to stay awake!)



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