Another bit of everything…

I should mention this on my blog since I’m already two days late…but better late than never right! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SERENA!!! May 16th was actually my older sister’s birthday and she turned 25. Yea…I find it hard to believe too. Krissa and I took her out to eat tonight and then to the movies…Prince Caspian. We had a super good time with plenty of giggles and sister-bonding to last…well, a while anyway! 😉 Good thing Dad choose to stay at home…he would have been worn out by three giggly girls! The movie was good but the food and laughter was even better!

Besides working, I’ve been doing a lot of jogging, working out, tanning (yes…even in the hot sweating sun!), planning (for various upcoming ‘things’), and hanging out with friends. And of course, there’s always piano practicing and helping out with cooking, cleaning, etc.

Oh, and that reminds me…last week was our last Kid’s Club for the Summer and I do have quite a few pics, so I will try to create and album soon so y’all can get a glimpse of the eventful Wednesday evenings! Soon…hopefully!

This is going to be short tonight because right now, I need to call one of my really super incredible awesome wonderful sweet friends…and then it’s off to bed because tomorrow is WORK AGAIN (at the hospital).


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